Superduo Snowflakes

I have had a little time to play with my new beads. I have to say that I am totally in love with the superduo two hole beads I bought, so much so that I keep finding myself drooling over all the pretty colours on line and trying to find new ways to use them.

Over last weekend I found some time to put together a necklace I had been working on. I have used the superduo beads, size 11 seed beads and small pearls. Mainly because of the colours it reminded me of snowflakes hence its name.

Superduo, seed bead and pearl necklace

I am absolutely delighted with the result and I am now planning to make it in the other colours of duo beads I have. I have already tried it in green and it looks so different and not at all like snowflakes!

Hope Monday is being kind to you all. My kids are back in school on Wednesday (no, you absolutely do not hear a faint cheer) I will miss them but I will have more crafting time again.




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  1. Hannah … I’m renaming you Pinnochinose! You’re nose grew a couple of inches in the middle of that last paragraph! [LOL]

    The necklace is DIVINE! I think this one absolutely belongs inside a gallery, somewhere where they sell artisan handmade jewellery. Have a look around at places near(ish) to you, dear friend, and work out who you’d like to show your jewellery to. Then … get some samples made – especially like this one because it could be part of your ‘Autum and Winter Collection’, and I think that they’d be interested in taking some pieces from you and trying them out. Seeing how much interest there was, and if they sell … and if they do … then they’ll want more from you, so don’t sit back and wait to see, get some more items made for your collection so that when they ask, you already have stock to supply them with.

    Of course … you could just sell them through etsy though, and I’m pretty sure that they’d sell there. You only have to look at the work you’ve put into making this necklace to see that these are incredible and so stylish.

    Very well done my friend. I’m SO proud of you.
    Love ~ Cobs. x

    1. Thank you so much Cobs. I was totally amazed with the response I had for this necklace – I posted the photo of it on my Facebook page and it sold in just a few hours. I have been brave and put my name down for a craft fair in the city centre in 8 weeks time. I am terrified! I have never done one and I currently have nothing to sell. I am going to be stitching beads and kneading clay till it drives me loopy for the next few weeks lol. Not to mention that I would like to take some handmade cards too. I could seriously do with becoming super human for the next 8 weeks.

      Hannah x

      1. You already are Hannah. If you look down now, you’ll see your costume…. but, of course . . . you have to BELIEVE.

        You can do this Hannah. Make enough to display, then more things which you can bring out to replace the things you’ve sold. (and if someone seems to be dithering about buying something, you can always show a potential buyer the *green* version of that item. (*or whatever colour).

        So … all you have to do now is ….

        ON YOUR MARKS . . .
        GET SET . . .

        Get going and make your stock!
        love ~ Cobs. x

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