Polymer Clay Brooches

I’ve been busy trying to get new jewellery listed on my Etsy shop and I mean trying because I sat for a few hours the other week happily taking photos of all my recent makes only to find when I looked at them on my computer that they were all out of focus or the light was poor. Oh my, I’ve been sulking for days over this and, after many cups of tea and Adele on repeat (what better music to wallow in?!), I’ve pulled myself together to start all over again.

Making brooches isn’t something I had originally thought about but a lovely blog friend asked me if I would make her one and I thought it was a great idea. She wrote a lovely blog post about her new brooch here.

These are all made out of polymer clay.


It was great fun to work on something that wasn’t a huge project but gave me a chance to play with colours and textures. I am really pleased with how they came out.

Off to tackle all the new necklaces and brooches now!

Hope your Monday is a good one. Thanks for reading.

Hannah x


13 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Brooches

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  1. I feel your pain. Not up to taking photos last week due to a cold. Sorted my stock out today and the light is so bad! I also hate takings photos 😥

  2. I love the pictures of them on that lovely pink stone! I think they turned out amazing!
    Taking the pictures for my blog is still the hardest part for me as well. Especially now that it is winter here and there is almost no natural light!

    1. Thank you 😃 The pink stone is a piece of rose quartz that I’ve had for years – it did seem to work well with the brooch.

      I ended up angling my craft lamp at funny angles to get the pictures in the end. It has a daylight bulb so will have to do in the absence of any decent daylight. I’m not a natural at photography!

  3. Nice job here! I like the second one the best – how on earth did you manage all these metallic colours to be so beautifully spilled one into another? Is this paint over the clay or is the clay itself painted?

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