Sparkly Right Angle Weave Bracelet

Happy Wednesday.

I thought I’d quickly share a bracelet I finished today. The truth of the matter is that this little bracelet sat unfinished on my self for a good few months. I fell out with it and I’m not sure why because once I finally sat to finish today it was easy and relaxing.

It was made using a right angle weave stitch and then finished with seed beads crossing over on the top.

Right angle weave braceletgreen-raw-bracelet-2green-raw-bracelet-3

It really is so delicate and pretty. I put the last photo in so show just how sparkly those beads are on the side as I wasn’t able to capture the sparkle as much as I would have liked in the photos of the actual bracelet.

I’m wondering now why it took me so long to finish in the first place 😀

Hannah x

16 thoughts on “Sparkly Right Angle Weave Bracelet

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    1. Hello Vicky. Thank you. I am really pleased that I managed to finish it. I’m surprised I left it so long because I’m usually determined to finish one project before I move onto the next. Hx

  1. It’s so pretty Hannah. Look at what you did …. you made yourself a really beautiful Christmas Present! To you, from you. A one off.

    Well done, you clever thing.
    I know exactly what you mean about falling out with something. I do that very thing too. I fell out with a necklace I was making, about 5.5 years ago, and it’s still sitting in a box, half finished, waiting for me to go back to it. I’m sure I’ll finish it one day, at some point. Just not quite ready to do it …. yet. But I will, one day.
    GREAT make Hannah.
    ~ Cobs. x

    1. Ah, thank you Cobs. It does fit me perfectly 😉 Its funny isn’t it how one minute you can be so keen to make something and the next you don’t know how to proceed. I think that is what happened here. Who knows, but its done now 🙂 Hxx

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