I seem to be totally rubbish at this whole blogging malarkey at the minute. It’s not because I don’t want to blog but I’ve been spending all my free time making jewellery for a craft fair in November. I’m a slow crafter! Seriously, I am worried about how much I have ready to take and what I still need to make. Kids have a half term holiday coming up too so that will be a week of very little craft time. AND BREATH.

I’ve off loaded that now so on with the main topic of today’s post. I have decided to try to join in with Inktober – basically for the whole month of October you draw something, in ink, everyday. There are prompts to use for inspiration or you can draw whatever you fancy. My brain needs help with ideas so I am using the prompts. I anticipate that these will be sofa doodles done in the evening in a desperate attempt to relax at the end of the day. So here goes…..

Day 1
October 1st – Swift
Day 2
October 2nd – Divided
Day 3
October 3rd – Poison

The last one really appealed to the side of me that loves a good Agatha Christie book or film.

They have all been drawn with Micron pens with the addition of Inktense pencils for the red and grey tones in the ‘Poison’ drawing.

Anyway, I’m hoping this will be the kick start into some regular blog posts 🙂

Hannah x


15 thoughts on “Inktober!

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    1. Thanks. It is really daunting. I’ve never done Inktober before but I’m enjoying it so far. Are you going to share your drawings on your blog? If I have missed them then feel free to point me in the right direction!

      1. Nah, they’re embarrassingly naive so I’ve just been sharing them each day on my Instagram story – at least that way they disappear after 24 hours haha!

  1. I’m playing the catchup game … I’m two days behind, so my apologies for being late to the party.

    These drawing are perfection Hannah. But then … you know I adore everything you draw anyway. I’m such an unashamed fan of your work, and make no secret about it.

    I’m quite enjoying the inktober thing … as it’s pushing me in a direction that I don’t normally go very often, and certain not in the way that it’s making me think. So it’s stretching my mind and my skills. (or rather: lack of skills lol).

    Looking forward to the ‘special ink’ drawing. BIG TIME.
    Sending squidges and crafty vibes ~ Cobs. xxx🍂 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁

    1. Thank you Cobs 🙂 You have skills – it’s always harder to see for yourself what you can do. I tend to over analyse my work.

      I am really enjoying Inktober. I am not even thinking about colour (which makes it far easier for me. I faff when it comes to adding colour) just working on adding shading and, because I’m using the prompts I am being pushed to draw what I usually wouldn’t. My husband has commented in the change from my usual cute drawings to something a little darker. Not quite sure he knows what to make of it!!! Hxx

      1. The lack of colour is what’s doing it. It’s so ‘opposite’ of the darling illustrations we all know and love.

        You could always inject just a tiny bit of colour ….a flower. A picture on the side, a button on a coat/shirt. That type of thing. It would certainly stamp your mark on it, and may take the drawings somewhere more recognisable to Mr. A.Duck.

        I have wondered why people in general are (in the majority) only using black ink, when there are SO many other colours available too. I wonder why that it? I can’t work it out!

        GREAT drawings Hannah, and yes, like you, I over analyse too. tsk tsk. But then … the most famous of artists do/did the same thing. I think it’s what keeps us trying harder. (and going mental!) lol

        Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

      2. I painted the nails red in the Poison picture to add a little drama but I’ve struggled to figure out how to do it in the other pictures. I have just discovered little pots of writing ink so think I may try using those – possibly not on a day when I’m drawing on my precious red sofa! 😆 Hxx

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