Monochrome Jewellery

When I was preparing for the craft fair in October/November I decided to work on a monochrome collection of jewellery to contrast with all the colourful pieces I had previously made. I always like to work with colour but appreciate that not everyone feels the same way. I had seen two ideas for polymer clay canes that I thought would be a lot of fun to try and would only work well with a basic colour scheme; a fun flower and a messy swirl.



DSC_3573 (2)


I have tons of the black and white flower cane left so I’ll start with making more earrings at some point as they were very popular.

Monochrome jewellery

The kids are back at school on Monday and my plumbing woes are coming to an end hopefully (once the 3rd radiator in 2 weeks to spring a leak is replaced). I am planning some clay time next week. It will be lovely to get back into some type of routine.

Hannah x


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    1. Thank you. I think this is the joy of monochrome jewellery is that it really can be worn in many situations. We are currently taking bets on which radiator will break next……. I think my plumber must be sick of the sight of me (he has been round 7 times in 2 weeks!) Hannah x

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