Polymer Clay Butterfly Pendant Tutorial

An easy tutorial showing how to make stunning butterfly pendants from shimmering metallic clay and mica powder.

Monochrome Jewellery

When I was preparing for the craft fair in October/November I decided to work on a monochrome collection of jewellery to contrast with all the colourful pieces I had previously made. I always like to work with colour but appreciate that not everyone feels the same way. I had seen two ideas for polymer clay... Continue Reading →

Watercolour Clay?

Hello, A blog a second day in a row! This looks a lot like me trying to get organised. My eldest is off school today on an in-set day (teacher training type day) so she is sat next to me chatting and sewing penguins so if my sentences seem illogical it's because I have a... Continue Reading →

Polymer Clay Canes

I have tried so many times in the past to make flower polymer clay canes but with little to no success. The idea is to make a long sausage of clay with a pattern running down the length of it which you can cut slices off and use as you wish. A month or so... Continue Reading →

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