I Am A Winner!

Towards the end of last year my Dad asked if I would like a craft magazine subscription for my birthday. A present that drops through my door once a month – yes please! I chose a magazine called Bead and Jewellery and my first issue arrived at the start of February. A few days later my son decided that he wasn’t going to sleep all night, for no apparent reason, so I got to sit up all night in the desperate hope that he would settle (he didn’t!). The upside of this was that I got to look through the magazine and spotted a competition where you had to submit a picture of an item of jewellery you had made that would fit in with the theme ‘Modern Romance’ and the winner would receive the beads needed to make one of the projects in the magazine. Once my son finally fell asleep, at 3pm I must add, I pulled out my laptop and submitted this bracelet.

Pip Bead 11

I have blogged about it more here if you want to see more about it. The editor messaged back to ask for more information about it such as what beads did I use and what inspired me to make it. I had another email from the editor last Sunday to ask if I had seen this months issue because my bracelet was in there and I had won the prize πŸ™‚

I was so excited. I have to admit here that the magazine had arrived the previous day and I had quickly flicked through it to drool over the pictures but I hadn’t yet really gone through it thoroughly. In my haste I hadn’t seen my photo of my bracelet. Ooops.

Anyway, I don’t want to come on here just to gloat so here are some random pics that I shared on Instagram over the last few weeks.

Mushroom doodles

Some funny looking mushrooms in watercolour.

Watercolour fish illustration

Some watercolour fish.

Brusho flowers illustration

Brusho flowers with gold shimmer courtesy of my Gansai Tambi Starry Colors set.

Anyone guess what clay keyrings I have been making this week………. Here’s a hint…….


I will hopefully have more exciting things so show before too long. I have treated myself to some new beads and have plenty of clay creations I am desperate to get to. If only I could find where I left those extra 10 hours a day.

Hannah x

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  1. That’s so cool! Congratulations, it’s beautiful. I certainly don’t think you’re gloating haha! It’s something to be proud of, an achievement. And to be printed in a magazine, gah, how exciting! Most important question though – was the kit you received something you want/will use? Nothing worse than winning something only to find out it’s a chocolate teapot haha

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I think being in a magazine is more exciting than the prize! Ha ha, I think I will like the beads (the biggest of them are Swarovski ones) but I may save them for my own projects rather than to make the bracelet they are intended for. Mainly because I like to play with beads and come up with my own designs.

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I am determined to improve my watercolour. I really enjoyed the mushroom pictures. My husband thought I was a little odd spending an evening painting mushrooms but I’m not one to worry about things like that!

  2. Oh that’s so exciting. Congratulations! You’ve been published! 😊
    I love your pictures, they are so gorgeous. I do love the little mushroom house, but those fish and the flowers are stunning. Hope your son is sleeping better now

    1. Thank you Julia πŸ™‚ Just wondering if you got my email on Sunday in reply to yours? If you did that’s great but worried that you may be thinking I had ignored your message. I’m going round in circles and worrying that I’m sounding rude! What I mean is that if you didn’t know about my competition win then you possibly didn’t get it because I told you about it on Sunday πŸ™‚

      1. Hey there… Sorry, no it’s me. I did get your email, and did appreciate it, and wasn’t ignoring it, but somehow have just not got round to replying to it. So I did know about your win but it was exciting to see the page it was printed on.

  3. OHH HANNAH …. I’m chuffed to pieces for you. Well done you clever thing.
    The bracelet was very much a winner (but then I think all your pieces are winners). I’m just over-joyed for you.

    The Mushrooms … how weird it is that you’ve been doing mushrooms …. Me too! I ‘did’ mushrooms many years ago … but recently came back to them and have done something with Little Cobs a couple of weeks ago, and have been busy making too.

    I love the paintings. Each and every one of them is perfect. They each tell their own story.
    AND …. the Rascally Rabbit faces. How brilliant are those! love them.
    Great makes Hannah.
    Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. Thank you and you figured out they were rabbit faces! There really is something about mushrooms isn’t there. Not sure what it is but they do lend themselves to be as ridiculously odd and fairytale as you like. Will we get to see what you have created with Little Cobs? Hxx

  4. gloat away, you deserve it! Well done on winning, the bracelet is gorgeous! I used to subscribe to that magazine and really liked it. I had to give up all my subscriptions as I’m swimming in magazines!

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