The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Rules:


1.Thank the nominator and post a link back to their blog.
2.Answer the questions the nominator has set out for you.
3.Nominate new blogs and set out questions for them to answer.
4.Notify the nominees of their nominations by commenting on their blog or social media
5.When creating your nomination post, list the rules and include the Sunshine Award logo in it.

Thank you Julia from Julia’s Creative Year for the nomination. I must confess to being a little late to the party on this one. The kids half term came and went followed straight after by school inset days and then school closure due to the snow so my darling distractions were home for almost 2 weeks. The initial flakes of snow were very exciting for them but once they had played out, got thoroughly cold and wet the joy of it turned to frustration. Hey ho, school has now re-opened and this is my very long winded way of starting this blog award post!

My answers to Julia’s questions to are:
1. what made you first decide to get into crochet/craft?

I always enjoyed being crafty when I was younger but as an early 20 something with a full time retail management job I pretty much forgot about crafting. I occasionally tried to paint/draw but spent most of my exhausted free time reading or watching TV. Roll on to late 20’s and I was made redundant as the department store I worked in went into receivership and was closed. I had days at home to think and twiddle my thumbs. A trip to Hobbycraft saw me loaded with embossing powders, rubber stamps and inks. The card making bug hit me and I was hooked. I then rapidly became tempted with all the pretty beads available and later fancied trying polymer clay. My new boss gave me a generous voucher for Christmas and I was able to buy a beginner Fimo set with cutters etc. The rest is history…….. Probably no coincidence – my retail management job was with several costume jewellery companies. I like to think that that job set me up for what I am currently doing.
2. What is your favourite way to relax?

I really enjoy sketching, reading, listening to audio books and watching TV.
3. What piece of advice do you think children most need to hear?

Hmmmm, this is a tough one and I have spent time pondering on this since I first read it. I think overall, and for the future, that they can to be who they want to be and that’s ok. Does that make sense? Both of my kids are on the Autistic spectrum and as they get older it tends to be more obvious ( a toddler refusing to talk and make eye contact can be laughed off but a selectively mute 9 year old not so much. My son’s sole reason for living at the moment is so he can ‘write code’ and build computer games. He is 7 and a little scary on the computer). No one will ever please everyone so as long as they are happy with who they are then that’s great – In this day of social media showing a one sided view of perfect lives, visitor ready homes and impeccably behaved children it is easy to loose sight of the reality of life and feel the need to live up to everyone else’s expectations. For kids these days it is even more so than when I was younger.

Not sure I was at all clear with that but it turned into a mini rant – Sorry!
4. What would you do craft wise if money were no object?

Craft wise, currently I would buy furniture that stored my craft things behind cupboard doors! I love my craft stuff but I dislike how messy it can look and where I craft is also a family space so there are times when it would be nice to have it out of sight. I would also buy more beads and a ton of polymer clay bits that are sitting in my Amazon wish list!!!


5. What is your favourite book/s and why? 

I read a huge variety of books but my absolute favourite has to be those with something slightly surreal or supernatural about them – ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern, ‘The Miniaturist’ by Jessie Burton – that type of book. I think it’s because I become immersed in the storylines and my brain gets all caught up in twisty wonky worlds which in turn builds pictures in my head that I just want to draw. I love books.

Right, now it’s time for my nominations. Please don’t feel that you have to participate if you would rather not.

Darren from The Arty Plantsman

Cobs from The Cobweborium Emporium

Mrs Craft from Craft And Other Crazy Plans

D.Ann from D.Ann’s Crafting Whims

My questions are – 

  1. Is there a hobby/activity that you have always wanted try/do but haven’t been able to or got round to?
  2. Where is your favourite place to be and why?
  3. What do like/enjoy most about blogging?
  4. What is your dream job?
  5. Which is your favourite meal of the day and/or favourite food?

Thank you so much again Julia – This has been fun and for those I have nominated I look forward to reading your replies (if you chose to participate).

Off to catch up with the goings on in blogland now.

Hannah x

14 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

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  1. Thanks for joining in hannah. I really enjoyed reading your answers. I read the muse after I’d seen the miniaturist on TV. I kind of wish I’d read the miniaturist instead, or at least before I watched it. It’s never the same reading the book after you’ve watched the film!
    I totally get what you are saying about your advice to kids. I think that sounds like good advice. I think it can be hard to accept that not everyone will like you, and to really appreciate your strengths. It’s awesome that your son not only has a fascination with and skill in coding, but that this could lead him to exciting things in the future. I’ve recently bought but not read the book neurotribes by Steve silberman , after hearing him saying that many of the big companies and amazing human achievements would not have happened were it not for people with autism working out amazing things. I think that’s really exciting. You’re right about social media presenting one side of people’s lives. I stopped being on Facebook when I realised that comparing the reality of my life with the snippets of life posted by others was having a negative impact on my mental health. Thankfully blogging seems to be a bit more real.
    Thanks again for answering my questions… It’s been lovely to get to know you a bit more 😊

    1. Hello Julia, I really enjoyed answering your questions 🙂 The Muse is a great book (although I cheated on that one and listened to the audio book whilst crafting). I adored the Miniaturist and was so excited to see that it was adapted for TV. It didn’t disappoint either – the characters were as I thought they may be and they didn’t deviate from the story. I had recorded it and can’t quite bear to delete it yet in case I NEED to watch it again. I adore Daphne Du Maurier and E.M Forster too but feel that no TV adaptation could quite live up to the actual books. I have totally gone off on a tangent, sorry!

      I watch my son in absolute amazement. We have pieces of paper with his ‘coding’ written on so that he can go off to build things. I found the other day that he had downloaded game editing software onto the laptop and was making his own game. He then exported it into Roblox and shouted up to his sister to join him in his ‘world’ on her ipod. I just hope I can find someone to nurture this skill because my husband and I will not be able to. I had heard of the Neurotribes book but not yet bought it. Would you mind if I picked your brains about something to do with my daughter? If not then I totally understand (it’s to do with her language and I remember you said that you worked as a speech therapist).

      I too am guilty of falling into the comparison trap on social media. I get very depressed with the pictures of clutter free homes and seemingly perfect lives. Trying to remind myself everyday that these people cannot live like that all the time. There must be moments when the sink is full of dishes, crumbs on the floor and piles of laundry – They just don’t photograph it to put on Instagram!!! Hannah x

      1. Hi hannah. I love daphne du marier too ! Though I’m never quite sure which is my favourite of her books. We went on holiday to Cornwall and did a boat trip down French man’s creek, which was fab.
        Of course you can pick my brains… I can’t promise to be much help but I can have a think! I think you can message me through my contact page but let me know if you can’t.
        I tended to find with Facebook that people seemed to generally fall into one of two categories…. Those whose lives looked perfect, and those who moaned about everything. I’m definitely doing better without my window into those worlds!
        My husband codes… I bet he and your son would get on well!

      2. Thank you. I’m on my phone at the moment but will try to contact you through your page when I get to my laptop. Just something that is getting more frustrating for her as she gets older but our speech and language support stopped age 6 (we were told at the time that our council didn’t fund it beyond 6 years old!) I’ll explain clearer when I message you.

        My least favourite Daphne Duncan Maurier was Jamaica Inn but I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite one too.

        If your husband had a passion for Lego (particularly with power function sets like the technic range) and could cope with constant questions they would be a perfect match 😆

      3. Hey there. I can’t see it on my contact page, but have received your message in an email. If you want, and if you can, feel free to delete your original message from my page, as I’ve got it. I will reply via email.

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