Polymer Clay Ring Dishes

Hello and hello to all my new followers in my chocolate filled absence. The kids went back to school yesterday after their Easter holiday and, as always happens, I can’t seem to look after them and blog!

I have spent a lot of time over the last year of so feeling quite frustrated with my photography skills and how my boring my blog and Etsy photos have become so I decided to make myself a few new props to, hopefully, show off my jewellery.

Polymer clay ring dishes

I had seen some polymer clay ring dishes on Pinterest and figured they would be a great addition to my prop selection (oh yes, I have a box full of bits to drape my jewellery over!) They were not overly hard to make but I was very absent-minded when it came to putting them in the oven (it was on the back of a night where one of my kids decided they didn’t need sleep) and I actually scorched them. Seeing as they were white clay it was quite noticeable that they had changed from white to a horrible yellow. I had to paint them white before I could decorate them. This one above simply has dots of silver paint and a silver rim.

Polymer clay ring dish


The white dish above made use of a tiny flower stamp I had. I kept it totally white so I could use it with different colour plated jewellery findings. I think it looks equally good with the gold chain, green beads and cream pearls as it does with the gentle pink floral jewellery with silver plated chain and findings.

Polymer clay ring dish

This last one had a heart stamped in the middle with the intention that I would just fill in the heart outline with the copper paint but I clearly hadn’t stamped the heart with even pressure because the outline just wouldn’t fill evenly and things like that really annoy me! Anyhoo, I painted the whole heart copper and outlined the edge of the dish in the same colour paint.

I am still trying to figure out the whole photography thing. I am not a natural at it and groan whenever I get to the point where items are made and need their photos taken. I may do a blog post in the future as to what I have figured out so far – it may help someone else from the tedious hours I have spent trying to sort it out!

Thanks for stopping by.

Hannah x


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  1. The best kind of absence is a chocolate-filled one Hannah πŸ™‚

    Welcome back – and these are lovely. I will look forward to your photography tips with great interest. It is not part of the process I enjoy either.

      1. Of course. Shocked to hear people think there are others! If you are going to treat yourself to cake why pick an inferior one when you can have chocolate? Non-chocoholics mystify me.

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