Little Fishes


I have no idea when I last blogged and I have to admit that I hesitated  before sitting down to write today. I am going to be 100% honest and admit that I am struggling to fit everything in at the moment and, with so many balls that I seemingly have to keep in the air, the blogging ball came crashing to the ground, rolled away and I had to search for a while to find it. I feel awful for having missed so many of your posts and I fear I may never catch up!

I have been offered an opportunity to do something that I never suspected I would be able to do. It certainly fits with my new year’s goal of ‘being brave and making it happen’. It’s an ongoing crafty project and I cannot show for the time being what I have made for it. I won’t say just yet what it is (I know, I hate it too when someone goes on about top-secret projects and then just won’t share even a hint) as I don’t want to jinx it in some way but offering this little information as to why I fell off the face of the blogging world. Hopefully late summer I can share more.

Back to things I can share – in preparation for an early June craft fair my desk got rather fishy. I love the seaside and haven’t been for a few years now so when I thought of some summer makes I just had to make fish!

Summer fish earrings

Each little fish has been handmade from polymer clay.


It was particularly fun trying to figure out how to get the pattern onto the body. I got there in the end but no two fish are identical so each pair has its on personality……

DSC01712 (2)DSC01728

I also blended some of the clay that went into the stripey body to make these pretty turquoise fish. It’s a mix of white, dark turquoise, translucent yellow, translucent blue and silver foil so there are little hints of translucent yellow off set by the opaque white and turquoise. The little flecks of silver foil give a lovely shimmery effect.


Of course I had to make a keyring version too……..



That’s it for the fishes. A few were bought so the others have been shared between a shop locally and my Etsy shop. I am hoping that they will be swimming off to new owners at some point but I have kept a pair of fish earrings for myself. I just had to!

Right, I’m off to dream of sand in my toes and the sound of the sea lapping up the beach (the reality is a carpet in need of a vacuum and my 7-year-old playing a noisy game on his iPad).

Hannah x



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  1. That’s exciting (and mysterious)! I can’t wait to see what it is.
    p.s don’t worry about the ball dropping, somethings gotta give. And I’m glad you did manage to find it again even if it’s not for long. I have a lack of blogging motivation right now, my blogging ball is lying there but I’m just looking at it.

    1. It is one of those things that when I was asked about it I tried to be all grown up and respond appropriately and then as soon as I had done that I rang my husband at work and squealed down the phone in excitement! 🙂

      I’m glad you know where your blogging ball is – just waiting for you to pick it when you are ready. It’s odd I seem to class blogging and working on my etsy shop as one of the same thing so when I have time it comes down to do I blog or do Etsy. No point blogging what I haven’t listed yet and I use my Etsy photos on my blog so I end up prioritising Etsy but in reality I get far more feed back and support from blogging! Bit of a ramble, sorry. Every day is just too short!

      1. It’s also just the time it takes to edit and organise all the photos too ae! I usually blog about my nails and then use the photo for my instagram so unfortunately my instagram has been suffering a bit lately too. I would like to say I could do with a few extra hours in the day but I would no doubt spend them procrastinating haha!

      2. Ha ha, I suspect too that any extra hours I had in a day may well be spent lying in bed watching YouTube!

        I go through phases with Etsy – one minute I’m frustrated with it and the next think its great (usually when I’ve had a sale lol). The photos are a total pain in the bum. Takes me forever to get them taken and then I go to edit and a good number are blury.

  2. Hello Hannah
    Aww, it’s SO good to have you back in blogging land. I’ve missed you. (…but my aim is getting better!) 😀

    I’m stupidly excited about what this secret (for now) thing is. From things you’ve said, I’ve formed some ideas, but I’m probably waaaay off the mark, so I shall have to sit tight and wait to hear.
    If your original hopes and dreams for what you’d have loved to happen when you first began blogging, are anything like mine, then I can fully understand your excitement because I’d be beside myself with glee if it happened for me too. So totally understand your squealing phone call to Mr.Artisan Duck. LOL

    The fishes are a total delight. I think the key chain is an inspired idea. Suitable for men or women. Love them … and the colours too!
    Well done you clever thing.

    Sending much love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. Hello 🙂 So glad you like the fishes. I made the keychain with Father’s day in mind but as is typical for me I didn’t get them listed on Etsy in time!

      Ooh, I’m intrigued as to what you think my secret may be. It is hopefully a long term project which is super exciting (unless I totally mess up and I’m never asked again lol). Hxx

      1. Well … I have a few ideas Hannah….
        You might have been asked to join the design team of a crafting products company.

        You could have been asked to demonstrate the technique of colouring – to show people how easy it is to colour with a particular brand of colouring pens/pencils. (Again – design team orientated)

        You may have been asked to illustrate a book …. (i was hoping I’d be the first to get you illustrate a book – but if this is what it is I’d be thrilled to bits and pieces for you)

        Or … maybe you’ve been asked to co-present some particular colouring pens/pencils on a well known TV crafting company.

        Ok… now you have to tell me if I’m any where in the ball park, or if I’m still sat at home sleeping in my chair. (lol).

      2. Well, I can promise that if you would like me to illustrate a book you will be the first to ask.

        Your other musings are kind of wrong (but also along the right kind of lines). It is to do with jewellery………

      3. OooooooOOOOOOooooo. . . now I’m scarred to make a guess …but I’ll jump in and make just one . . .

        Is it … you’ve been asked to make a selection of jewellery for somewhere like a local museum, or a posh garden centre …. or …. could it be that you’ve been asked to do something that might be featured in a magazine??? :O

        OK… I’ll stop guessing – at least on your blog. LOL.
        I can’t wait to find out.
        Whatever it is Hannah, it’s making you happy, and I’m just thrilled to bits for you. Go get ’em, Hannah. Blind ’em with your brilliance!
        (I’m all squiggly inside now. It’s excitement!)
        Big squidges and heaps of love ~ Cobs. xxx

      4. I’m close aren’t I? I am? Yes?? YEAH???
        DO I WIN THE PRIZE???

        (I haven’t had this silly churned up happy feeling since I won £74 on the lottery!) ~ C. xxx

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