Brusho Painting

Last week whilst I was procrastinating over getting some housework done (it’s just far too hot to scrub the bathroom and push the hoover round) I pulled out my Brusho. Following on from my toucan picture last week I was still up for bold, bright colours and I knew that Brusho would offer that.

For those that don’t know, Brusho are pigment powders that react with water. Each colour is a mix of different colour pigments so if you sprinkle some on and spray with water you can get a variegated colour but they can be simply mixed with some water to make a uniform colour. Lots of fun but a huge learning curve – they get messy quickly and the colours can get muddy. For me, part of the joy of them is having this colour variation within one colour (if I wanted a totally flat wash of colour I could use watercolour). Figuring out how much water to add to keep them like this takes some patience.

I was aiming to try a variety of techniques but when I looked at what I had created I realised that I had only really tried two different ways of working with them. Oh well, it means there is more fun to be had another day.

Cactus painting with BrushoWatermelon painted with brushoIce-cream painted with Brusho

The above pictures are where I drew an outline and then painted each shape with clear water and sprinkled in the colour. I used a paintbrush to carefully move the pigment to the pencil line but being cautious about how much I moved the paint in order to keep the colour variation. I added a little fine liner and white gouache to each one. I think my favourite has to be the cactus, closely followed but the watermelon. That ice-cream though! I adore the bowl (which is the only reason I posted this picture). It made me think of some cool pottery technique but the ice-cream looks bad, as is gone off mouldy bad.

Sunset painted with BrushoLandscape painted with BrushoSeascape painted with Brusho

I then moved on to some looser sloshing colour around technique (the word ‘sloshing’ really indicates the skill level here). I painted on clean water mainly to get the power to stick to the paper and sprinkled on the colour. They were then sprayed with more water to help the colours move a little more. The water/seascape type scenes were done in two halves so that I could get a horizon line. The ‘windy tree’ scene was straight up water and power pigments and tipping the paper at various angles until I liked the result. I have used a combination of black ink pen and black Brusho (used like watercolour) for details on these.

I used 200lb watercolour paper for this as I didn’t want to tape it down. I used a lot of water so it did curl but nowhere near as bad as if I had used a thinner paper. Also, just like watercolour the colours will run into each other if they are side by side and both wet. I allowed some drying time inbetween each section.

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Hannah x


16 thoughts on “Brusho Painting

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    1. Thank you so much Nicola πŸ™‚ I loved painting it so much – it was the first thing I tried and the greens are probably the pigments with the most variation within them. At some point I may do more cacti….. 🌡

  1. I haven’t used my Brushos in aaages! I’m so glad that you painted using them, as it’s reminded me to get them out again. I didn’t realise how much I missed them until I read this post.
    I love all the painting Hannah, but I think if pushed …. my favourite would possible beeeee….. The Watermelon, in the ‘controlled’ paintings …. and the fabulous painting with the tree over to the left, in the free and easy style. (Which is anything but free and easy, when using brushos. LOL)
    GREAT paintings Hannah.!

    1. Hello, I’ll apologise now for any peculiar spellings – my one year old nephew is sleeping on my arm!

      Thank you πŸ˜ƒ My brusho tends to get looked over most the time so when I pick them up it’s like starting from the beginning. I always forget how messy they are too lol. Hxx

      1. Ohh messy plus some! I seem able to get them EVERYWHERE.

        What a beautiful blessing to have a one year old happy to sleep in your arms, when it’s not your one year old! πŸ™‚

      2. Ooh, I have just read about you using fans in your craft room. Do NOT get they Brusho out with them on!!! πŸ˜€ It won’t only be fairy dust getting everywhere but little speckles on Brusho.

        Lol, my thoughts too. I looked after him from mid morning until about 5pm. He is very sweet and no trouble but I have no baby proofing in my home and he was everywhere. It was great to hand him back and nip for a shower whilst my 2 were left on their ipads and not attempting to eat the cat food πŸ™‚ Hxx

      3. Enjoy every second of that freedom Hannah … because one day you’ll become a Grammy … and then there won’t be a time that you have to organise with your other half, sneaking off to the loo before the little darlings notice and stand crying and wailing at the (locked) door, while you try to just have a wee in peace!
        Little Cobs got around it …. he now lays on the floor outside the bathroom door and looks under the gap at the bottom of the door. It’s the tiniest sliver of a gap … but it’s enough for him to just see the soles of my slippers or shoes …. and that’s enough for him. LOLOL. However …. it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t TALK TO ME LOUDLY THROUGH THE DOOR … because obviously the door being there makes me deaf, and he asks me the same question over and over: “Grammy …. what are you doing?”
        Many answers come … baking a cake. waiting for a bus. going shopping. buying a new car. going to the sweet shop. calling your mummy. going for a picnic. etc etc …. it’s only in the last month that I’ve actually said … “I’m having a wee, now go away”. And … of course he doesn’t. πŸ™‚
        Enjoy your peace. I know it seems a long way off … but it goes by in a flash.

      4. Ooh, they always must talk to just when you nip to the loo and, in my case, always start an argument when I’m in the shower and can’t do anything to intervene! πŸ˜‚ Hxx

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