Fimo Feathers

Whilst I was preparing for the craft fair in June I sat looking at my clay and paired up a deep purple and summery turquoise. I decided they would look lovely, together, as feathers. I now realise in hindsight that the colour combination wasn’t pure fluke as my daughters waterproof coat is turquoise with a purple pattern and I pass it every time I walk down the stairs.

The only way to put the colours together was to make a basic skinner blend (where two colour are blended seamlessly in the middle with the original colours remaining intact on each end). I made the skinner blends with small amounts of clay as I knew that I would only be using the blended parts of the clay in the middle.

Polymer clay (Fimo) feathers

It’s a lovely technique and, although relatively simple, gives a great result. I made earrings and necklaces.

Polymer clay (Fimo) feathers


I felt that they needed a little sparkly bead with them because, well, why not! The photos don’t really do these justice – they look far prettier is real life.

Hope this week is being kind to you all.

Hannah x


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      1. It is too hard to get seen on Etsy and I am really rubbish at social media and promoting my products and myself. I am slowly working building my confidence and trying harder!

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