The Many Stages of Santa


I thought is was time to bring you up to date with the newest addition to my Christmas decorations. Meet Santa in his many forms!


At the back you can see the funny red skittle shapes with pink circles for the face. I then added the beards and hair.


Now with arms, fur cuffs and mittens. Starting to look more like Santa but there is definitely still something missing!


I think they could pass for wizards at this point. They need facial features and a spectacular moustache.

Are you ready for the grand reveal…………….

Polymer clay santaDSC02204DSC02209

There is always someone in a group photo looking the wrong way!

One clearly had a little too much sherry before going in the oven and fell over. The less than perfect Santa will be hanging on my tree this year.

They took a week start to finish as they are super fiddly and the colour of the red clay comes off easily in your hands, contaminating the white clay, so I ended up at times having one hand to handle the red and the other to handle the white. It can get very frustrating.

Ooh, did I mention that the red and white clay is glitter clay?

You can make your own if you fancy one but if you would rather not have hassle of all that clay and mess then you can head here for one 🙂

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the process.

Hannah x



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