Christmas Angels

Christmas seems to be sneaking up on me this year. Hubby started a new job at the end of August and I’m still finding my feet with the change of routine a change in his work hours has caused. I’ve blinked and we’ve sailed straight through September and October and now November is threatening to disappear and I’m not ready. A rather late entry to my Etsy shop is these cute angels. I have robins still waiting to be varnished.

Polyner clay angel

She has a white glitter body and wings with snowflakes embossed in her wings.Β 

Polymer clay angel

She even has little rosy cheeks.

Polymer clay angel

I’m pestering my husband to dig out our small Christmas tree (I have no idea where he put it last year) so I can take a few more festive photos of my decorations. I think he is resisting my pleas because he knows that once the tree is out I’ll want all the other decoration out.

So, when do you decorate for Christmas if indeed you do? I love fairy lights and sparkly decorations (probably why I use glitter clay for most of my Christmas decorations!)

Hannah x

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  1. They are so sweet. I decorate mid December, traditionally the day after my middle sons birthday, I always wanted his day to be special before we started Christmas.

    1. Thank you Nana Cathy. I think mid-December is a nice time to decorate for Christmas. My birthday is the 10th December and for the last few years all I have wanted to do for my birthday is put up the Christmas tree!

      1. Ha ha, I did have a thought earlier that if I did make them would they have to be different so someone could buy three. By my current level of motivation (or lack of) it seems a little like too much work!

  2. Late to the party . . . LOVE these Angels. Great design.
    Happy New Year, my fabulous blogging friend. I hope Christmas and the New Year was restful and relaxing (as relaxing as it could be with little ones in attendance! lol).
    ~ Cobs. xxx

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