Woodland Christmas Decorations

I decided last Christmas that this years handmade decorations were going to be based on the theme Woodland Christmas. If you know me then you know that that was spectacularly organised of me but I think two years running of fiddling with red and white clay (not a good combination) left me a little traumatised!

I also drew this illustration a few years ago and made it into Christmas cards and thought the decorations would be a lovely compliment to it.

Winter Woodland Decorations

Woodland Christmas Hedgehog

First up is my Hedgehog. A little nose to snuffle around with and textured spines. The spines and underside have been given a dusting of mica powder to enhance the texture and give a little shine. I have a soft spot for this chap but maybe that is because he was the first decoration in this theme I made.

Woodland Christmas Owl Decoration

Here is a my owl with a cameo of squirrel, acorn and pinecone. I love all the texture on the wings. I have given the wings a little dusting of mica powder again for definition and subtle shine.

Woodland Christmas Rabbit decoration

Next up is rabbit. He looks so understated but honestly is the cutest thing. He has textured ears and tail.

Woodland Christmas Squirrel decoration

Squirrel is a robust chap but I think that suits the personality of these funny creatures. I think he has a look of defiance about him. He has a big bushy, textured tail.

Woodland Christmas Fox decoration

Last of the animals, but definitely not least, is fox. I adore him – the swirl of his tail, his cute expression with his upright stance.

Woodland Christmas Pinecone decoration
Woodland Christmas Toadstool/Mushroom decoration
Woodland Christmas Acorn decoration

I rounded up the collection with acorns, pinecones and mushrooms.

Woodland Christmas Animals decorations

The whole family together 🙂 It’s unusual for me to have such natural colour scheme but I really wanted to keep this as rustic as possible. Maybe suitable for those who don’t especially celebrate Christmas or shy away from snowmen and chaps with white beards and red suits.

If you have made it this far congrats! I do have a little offer on these decorations in my Etsy shop until 6th December 2019 – buy 2 of more, of these and my other decorations, and receive 15% off with the code CHRISTMAS2019 at the checkout or you can use this link https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TheArtisanDuck?coupon=CHRISTMAS2019.

If I have you feeling all festive now you can see more of my Christmas decorations here for me earliest decorations, an army of snowmen here, some process shots of lasts years Santa here and my heavenly angels here.

I’ve started sneaking some fairy lights up around the house in a bid to start making things a little Christmassy. It has done nothing but rain for what feels like weeks and I need some sparkle and magic in my life!

When do you decorate for Christmas?

Hannah x

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