Christmas Preparation!

Yep, that word is starting to pop up again. Christmas.

It is inevitable really once the school start back and the weather turns the next logical step is Christmas with a little stop along the way for Halloween and Bonfire night.

I have a craft fair coming up in November so I really need to get a move on with some preparations especially as the tree decorations were so popular last year. Seeing as the snowmen heads were my best seller last year, at the craft fair and on Etsy, I thought I would start with a new snowman and give him a body and scarf this year.

I really meant to take progress shots but the only one I have is of some white balls of clay and I forgot to pick up the camera after that.

Anyhoo, here they are…….

DSC02065 (2)

My son thinks it funny that I have given them beaks! No, they are carrots. Cheeky boy 🙂


I must warn you that now I have started on Christmas there will be no stopping. There will be Santa, Reindeer and possibly Wise Men . Who knows?

Hannah x

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