Leopard Print Jewellery

So, being the super savvy Etsy seller that I am (read – I am totally not super savvy or particularly fashion forward!) I looked up what is on trend for Autumn. The answer was, amongst other things, most definitely animal print. I thought it would be fun to try my hand at a leopard print cane.


You can also see that my desk gets a little messy mid project!

I made a big selection of beads and hearts to make a little collection for Etsy and an up coming craft fair.

Leopard print jewelleryLeopard print tassel necklaceLeopard print jewelleryLeopard print necklace

Not wanting to sound too smug about them but I am really pleased with how they turned out.

They are all listed on Etsy for anyone who is interested 🙂 Etsy has put up a new guide as to how their search works so I have no idea if anyone will find them! If I have done it right then I’ll report back.

Leopard print jewellery collection

Happy Sunday folks.

Hannah x




12 thoughts on “Leopard Print Jewellery

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  1. WOW Hannah! This jewellery is SO up to date and (as all the stylist seem to say) so ‘on trend’!
    Beautifully made and so well put together. These should sell like hot-cakes!
    Well done you amazingly clever thing! ~ Cobs. xxx

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