Mollie Makes and Leopard Print!

It seems five minutes since I was blogging about my Christmas decorations and now here we are, nearly half way though January and life has returned back to normal.

I think part of the reason that the whole time passed so quickly was because I knew that just after Christmas my leopard print jewellery was going to be featured in Mollie Makes magazine. Just a little shout out for my Etsy shop but all the same super exciting.

In celebration of my little claim to fame I made more leopard print jewellery for my Etsy shop but in red this time.

Red leopard print heart earrings
Red leopard print earrings
Leopard print heart necklace
Red leopard print necklace

Can you tell I really enjoy making this? I would love to make it in purple but not sure if anyone else would like it!

I’m in the middle of a craft storage shuffle as we decided to rearrange the dining room a little so I’m hoping to do a fresh craft space tour soon but for now I’m still trying to figure out how all my craft stuff is going to fit back in.

Hannah x

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