Tropical Toucans

Just after Christmas I doodled some rather fun, bright Toucans in my sketch book and used my Mozart brush pens to colour them. I think the dull grey weather was getting to me.

I shared a photo of my picture on Instagram and was totally chuffed when Mozart Supplies shared my picture on their own page and it got over 465 likes! I can quite honestly say that I never expected that.

I also received the comment from a decorating company that it would make a great pattern for a wall paper for a children’s room. This got me thinking….. I have a much neglected Redbubble account (where you upload art work and they print it onto all sorts of items such as clothing, mugs, cards, pictures etc when someone buys it) so I decided to redraw my colourful toucans with a view to upload to Redbubble.

These are some photos taken from Redbubble showing how my toucans look on some of their products. I must confess to being a little bit pleased with the final result.

Anyhoo, it is Valentine’s Day. Are you sick of seeing hearts and flowers everywhere? I’m not at all romantic but we have a nice dinner planned with the kids and I have a small treat for them as tonight also marks the last day of school before half term. I have bought Mr Artisan Duck and enormous box of chocolates as that is definitely the way to his heart 😀


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    1. Ah, thank you so much for such a lovely comment 🙂 I didn’t realise that sites like Redbubble existed until I saw someone else promote their products on Instagram. Turns out there are quite a few different companies offering the same service!

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