How To Make A Brick Stitch Evil Eye

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Brick stitch Evil Eye bracelet tutorial

I had a request a few months ago for a brick stitch tutorial for an evil eye. I love working on brick stitch patterns so my reaction was an instant ‘yes, how cool’ and I went online to buy all the Delica beads that I would need and then some time passed and I have only just got around to making it.

I will say that the time in-between was well spent celebrating Christmas and creating my first Creative Fabrica class. I also snuck in a little cubic right angle weave heart tutorial before Valentine’s day and, also whilst I’m thinking about it, a polymer clay square heart cane tutorial so I’ve been busier than even I realised but it is amazing just how much time the fun things take!

As ever, I have created my own pdf pattern to accompany this tutorial –

I am afraid to say that there are no step by step photos for this tutorial but I feel that video tutorials may be the way forward these days ( I have a poll here if you would like to have your vote on the matter). The photos take me so long to take, edit and then write up into a full tutorial – The more time I spend doing all this, the less time I have to be creative and my poor laptop is always running out of storage.

Just moving away from my moaning for a moment…..

For this brick stitch evil eye tutorial I have used size 11 Delica beads along with my favourite Wildfire beading thread. It is a totally beginner friendly pattern as it is completely symmetrical and follows a predictable shape of increasing rows for the first half and then decreasing for the second half.

Talking of the shape of my finished evil eye, when I looked up the evil eye online most of the pictures showed a round shape (mostly made of glass). I felt that making a hexagon shape (the easiest version of a circle in brick stitch) would make for a slightly boring pattern so I opted to take a more literal interpretation and make mine more eye shaped. I dipped the beading in slightly halfway along the pattern to prevent the eye becoming a diamond shape and hopefully, make it look like a more natural eye shape. I also felt that this more oval shape looked so much better on a bracelet than a single hexagon would.

Right enough of me waffling, onto the tutorial.

How To Make A Brick Stitch Evil Eye Bracelet

Links below for products used are Affiliate links for Amazon (UK and United States). This just means that if you use my link to buy a product I earn a very small commission, at no extra expense to you (you pay the same regardless how you find the item). Every little extra helps me to offer free tutorials.

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Delica size 11 in Galvanised Silver, Opaque Navy, Opaque Light Blue, Opaque White, Opaque Black.

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Brick stitch evil eye bracelet tutorial

I hope that you have found this tutorial enjoyable. Let me know if you have any suggestions – I’ll do my best not to leave it three months before tackling them!

Thanks for reading and happy beading,

Hannah x


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