Hello, Thank You and Teacher Gifts.

I’ve had the tab open on my laptop with ‘New Post’ staring back at me for at least 3 days. Every time I thought ‘ah ha, here’s my moment’ something else came up but in those 3 days I have gained new followers. They have taken the time to write comments and like my posts and I in return have had the pleasure of peeking into their lives, be it crafty or otherwise, and found new lovely blogs to follow. I wanted to say a big HELLO to all my followers, old and new, and THANK YOU for all those that take the time out of your busy lives to read, like and comment on my crafty waffling. Honestly, the excitement of seeing a notification from WordPress can turn my day around. I look at my stats and do a little happy dance.

This is something I set up (with help from my big Sister!) that was just for me. Somewhere that wasn’t about housework and generally a reminder that there had to be more to my life than raising two (Autistic) children. I also enjoy the thrill of seeing new posts from those I follow, getting new ideas and seeing other lives not to mention having the chance to ‘talk’ to someone in the comments. Back to the reason why I started to write my blog post 3 days ago……………….

I have finished my Thank you gifts for my kids teachers. My son is finishing in Pre-School at the end of summer term and daughter has one main teacher, a teacher training student and 2 classroom supports hence the reason why I decided to make gifts. Last year I made personalised cards to thank them all and they all took the time to tell me how much they appreciated it. That is why I make stuff! The ladies have little bird hanging decorations and my daughters teacher who is male (a young man with a splendid beard) has a beard. They have all been made out of Fimo with shapes hand drawn and cut. For the birds I cut out a bird and wing shape and pressed a Sizzix embossing folder into the clay. It gave them a lovely texture

Bird before ink

This is in its baked form and ready for colour. I mixed Ranger alcohol inks with Fimo liquid gel, applied carefully with my finger, used more liquid Fimo to glue on the wing and baked for the time specified on the liquid Fimo. Finished off with some jewellery findings, ribbons and beads adding the personalised ‘Thank You’ signs also made the same way

Thank you birds

Close up of bird

They look like pieces of tiles cut up and shaped. Now for the beard! I’m actually wondering if I’ll have the courage to give it but I speak to him often and know he has a sense of humour. I made another template but cut it out of black clay. I used my clay extruder to make long thin snakes of brown clay and layered these all on piece by piece (gluing on with liquid Fimo). The ‘Thank You’ was made with black clay and finished with acrylic paint buffed off to leave it mainly in the lettering. I added jump rings to the back so I could finish with a chain.

Beard close up

I gave all of them 2 coats of Fimo varnish to give a shiny finish. I’m now thinking (despite the current heat in the UK) of Santa Beards embossed with snowflakes and robins for Christmas tree decorations.

Wow, this turned out far longer than intended. If you made it to the end then congrats and thanks.

Hannah x

7 thoughts on “Hello, Thank You and Teacher Gifts.

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  1. Those birds are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I have to try this! Thank you for your heartfelt post & for sharing your talents 🙂

    1. Thank you. It was a new technique to me but I won’t be stopping at the birds. I’m dreaming of making jewellery pendants, beads etc. Your lovely comment is much appreciated, thank you ☺

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