Lily Drawing

A year ago my lovely hubby bought me a set of Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils. A year later I still felt totally out of my depth with them so I have used the 30 day marker challenge (link here if you wish to know more) as an excuse to push myself a little harder with them. I started by colouring the stamped rose that I showed yesterday and was so delighted with what I managed to achieve I decided I wanted to draw something and colour it. My husband had bought me some flowers so they seemed like the perfect subject. I chose the lily as it was the biggest flower in the bunch!

Drawing of lily coloured with Polychromos

I think it could do with something a little extra but honestly I don’t know what. I got to the point that I felt I would ruin it if I carried on. Maybe more definition around the stamens? Possibly but I thought that if I added a little pen to define them I would unbalance the picture. Hmmmmm. I’m open to suggestions.



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