Alcohol Ink Flowers

My little boy managed a full day at school yesterday so I got a chance to sit at my craft desk to play. I had a general idea as to what I wanted to make but other than that I was happy to see what I came up with. I used my  Ranger/Tim Holtz alcohol inks on coated card. After several attempts (and very inky hands) I had figured out roughly how the inks would move and behave and what I wanted to do with them.

Ranger Tim Holtz alcohol ink flowers

I inked up the background first and then dropped in pools of ink. As they spread over the paper I added drops of darker ink into the centre and then added drops of pearl mixative making sure I kept to the top half of the paper so I had room to draw in stems. I carried on this way until I was happy with how it looked. The ink moved slighty differently on each flower so the results are lovely and varied. The pearl mixative ink gave a gorgeous shimmer which really catches the light. I finished with an embossed Tim Holtz sentiment stamp and some sticky enamel dots.

Close up of alcohol ink flowers

A close up of the flowers to show the effect of the pearl mixative. It took on the colour of ink underneath it. The big red flowers remind me of poppies.

Hope you like the overall effect as much as I do.

Happy crafting



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      1. Ha ha, I went to pick the kids up from school on the day I made the card with pink hands and nails. The ink really does stain. Let me know what you manage to buy – I want more colours now 😀

  1. Me Did you get them in a three pack? I’m not sure what to get. What colors did you use? There is one called egg plant, would that be to dark for flowers? I have gone to two different stores and have come home with paper, stamps, material and no ink
    I guess I just want to get the right one so I will use them and not leave them in a bag.
    Thanks for all your help.

    1. Hi 😃 I think I bought the inks individually but I may be wrong as I have had them some time. I will make a colour swatch of all my inks and post it so you can see what the colours are like and make a list if the other things I used. Hopefully today when I have a minutes break from my chatterbox little boy lol. I will get back to you!

      1. Hi, I have just done another blog post about alcohol inks. I hope it gives you some answers. The card stock really effects the result you get with the ink so best to see what your local craft shop has – usually a coated/glossy card stock works best. I’ve heard that Yupo is good for alcohol inks too but never tried it. In terms of choosing colours – if you want a light look to the finished piece choose colours that are lighter to start with as the dark ones can be quite intense but the odd drop of a darker can add depth to the over all piece. To some degree its just about playing around with your supplies to see what works for you. Probably more alcohol ink stuff from me soon and I have bought some more ink colours…….

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