Alcohol Ink – Evil Peacock!

A week or so ago when I blogged about my recent makes with alcohol inks I was asked by Rebeca, from, about painting with alcohol inks on tiles. I urge you to check out her blog – she paints the most stunning pictures. I had never even thought about painting on tiles but was intrigued and reassured by her that it wasn’t as hard as it seemed. I now have tiles – well, 44 to be precise! It was more cost effective to buy a whole pack so now I have plenty to play (umm, mess up) with.

It was suggested that a peacock was a good start so a peacock it was.

Ranger alcohol ink hand painted peacock tile.png

It was my first attempt and his neck got a little thick but once I realised this I really didn’t want to fix it as I could make the whole background run. I had so much fun. I sent my Mum a photo of it and, although she felt it was nice, she also thought he looked evil. Ha ha, well I think I have achieved my goal then as I do think that peacocks can look sinister.

My 7 year old daughter thought the inks seemed a lot of fun so together we painted this poppy.

Ranger alcohol ink painted poppy

Both tiles were painted with Ranger alcohol inks.

More inky tiles planned but I do need to work out how to seal them as the ink can scrape off. Possibly need to buy more alcohol ink now too!

Happy crafting.

Hannah x


14 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink – Evil Peacock!

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    1. I know what you mean. I’ve found that the colours can look quite dull on some papers. Because this was a bright white tile to start with the colours are sitting on the top rather than soaking in (I think). Keep experimenting. I love my new yupo paper – it really shows the colours the best.

      1. Absolutely, keep going. I have a stack of work that ends up in the bin or I only use the best bit of it. Besides, you made some lovely cards with your inks. I’ve had mine for years and only recently felt confident with them. Don’t give up!!! 😁

  1. Brilliant Hannah, the tiles make it so much fun, I wish I could give you a better solution for fixing the finished art, but acrylic varnish spray is the best I have found, and will cause the alcohol ink to react…still a nice effect on some images. So pleased to hear your daughter enjoyed having a go, and what a great piece the poppy is. Aren’t the alcohol inks so lush and almost created for the peacock! Have you got the metallics, or and pearl? The pearl is one of my favs. Thank you for the blog link and mention 😀👍

    1. Thank you and I couldn’t take the credit for your suggestion. The peacock is definitely a perfect subject especially as I always tend toward buying the rich green/purple/blue colours. I have all 4 metallics (I have used a little of the copper in the peacock feathers) but the pearl is definitely my favourite too as it mixes with the other colours used creating shimmery versions of them. I will play around with various finishes and see what I like best. After all with 44 tiles I have more than enough!

      1. That’s a lot of tiles…. I did the same actually, as cheaper to buy a pack. I took them to work and had the hospice patients all create their own versions. They all enjoyed it and created some amazing work. This is where the sealing issue showed? Let me know if you find a better solution to clear acrylic spray varnish ( I wonder if a light spray of fixative first , then the varnish? It might stop the reactions? ( the flower tiles on my blog have been spray varnished, it is not too bad an effect)

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