Pretty Pendants – Fimo Jewellery Part 1

When I get my Fimo out its a bit of an event! My craft table has to be totally clear, I have to extend my table so I can secure my pasta machine on, I need to be organised (it’s too easy to transfer colours from messy hands when rushing and, whilst I trust my kids not to mess with my craft stuff, Fimo is one of those things that they can’t help but touch and my tissues blades are sharp so need safely storing away when not in use) and I need time to relax and enjoy it. For this reason I tend to make a few pieces at a time, bake and varnish all in one go and put aside to make into jewellery at a later date.

Here are a few of my most recent makes –

Fimo flower pendant with beadsFimo heart pendantFimo flower pendant with beads and chain

The actual tools used for these were relatively simple – round cutters, something pointy (think cocktail stick!), a dry embossing tool (has 2 different size ball shapes on each end), embossing sheet, seed beads and jewellery findings.

Hope you like them as much as I do. It never fails to please me how a lump of polymer clay can become something so pretty.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hannah x

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