Week 7&8 – The 52 Week Illustration Challenge

Oh dear, I fell behind with things again. There has been a lot going on and I’ve been busy but none of it has been particularly crafty. I am determined to keep up with this challenge though so I have done 2 quick drawings to catch up.

Week 7 – Botanical

Cacti illustraion

Watercolour (Daniel Smith watercolour essentials set) and Polychromo Pencils.

Week 8 – Pastel


Yukky, yuk but I tried. This was drawn with Promarkers and, whilst the picture is nicer in real life, the colour scheme was just not my thing. What was worse is that my scanner absolutely refused to take a semi decent scan. I did have fun playing with my markers again though and I got to spend time doodling flowers!

Thanks for stopping by.

Hannah x



10 thoughts on “Week 7&8 – The 52 Week Illustration Challenge

Add yours

  1. Like the flowers … they’re very fairy like … but LOVE the cactus … or cacti I think. How strange that you should have done that one, when I’ve been thinking all week about a project I’d kinda like to try which is about Cacti!
    Maybe you knew this and you chose cactus themed subject matter in order to tell me to stop thinking and do it. lol

    I really do love the Cactus picture. It’s kind of fun, kind of quirky and absolutely brilliant. Love it. (I love it so much that had it been in a shop, I would probably have bought it to frame and hang in our home. It’s perfect.
    Sending oodles of squidges ….Cobs.

    Oh … I’m wondering what’s wrong with my reader. It’s not showing me your posts, I might have to unfollow and follow you again to get it reminded to do it’s job… so don’t fret if you find me being an apparently ‘new’ follower. It’s just me trying to wake up my ‘reader’. lol. xxx

    1. Ah Cobs, thank you. I really dislike the photo of the flowers – in real life it is so much prettier but I do prefer the bolder colours in the Cacti and I had so much fun painting it. Will you be blogging your cactus šŸŒµ project?

      I had problems with my reader end of last year – I assumed that one of the ladies I follow had given up and when I went to check there were a dozen or so posts that I hadn’t read or shown in my reader. I just hope that it hasn’t happened to any other blogs I follow.

      I hope all is well in the cobweboriumemporium. Hxxx

      1. I think there must be a blip in the system, hence the reason my (and your) reader plays up from time to time.
        What I really need everyone I follow to do is to make themselves a ‘blog button’ (like my blackboard over in the side bar on my blog). That way I could pick up the blog button, and add it to my sidebar, but when I clicked it, it would take me direct to that persons blog.

        I have a tiny handful of them towards the bottom of my right hand side bar on the right of each page of my blog. Three of those are ones I made myself so that I could easily find their blogs. But obviously I can’t sit and make blog buttons for everyone or I’d be sat there all day every day doing nothing but blog buttons!

        They make things so much easier. (And they give promotion to a persons blog.) I’m more than happy to have them on my blog because they make things easy for me. But I have to admit that I haven’t seen my own blog button on anyone elses blog site. So maybe it’s just me who likes things to be easy to find. I love my blog friends dearly. They’re important to me.

        Re the Cacti … I adore yours, and can’t wait to be able to find some stones and get started. Yes, when I’ve done it I’ll blog about it. It probably won’t be as great as yours, but I shall be happy with it, and will have it on my kitchen windowsill where it will make me smile.

        Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. x

      2. OMG so sorry, just realised that I didn’t reply to your comment. I’m awful for reading then and then not getting round to replying straight away.

        I’ll have a look at the blog buttons you mentioned. I’m not particularly computer savvy so things like that take me an eternity to sort out.

        I look forward to seeing your cacti šŸ™‚ Hannah x

  2. I just found another challenge called…The daily marker 30 day coloring challenge. I found it on you tube by: The Daily Marker and her blog is…thedailymarker.com
    Today she used sharpie pen’s. You know how much I love my sharpie’s!!
    I’m going to try for a few days, just to get back into playing with my fun stuff.
    Miss you

    1. Hello Myra, yes, the daily marker is a great one. I did all 30 days last year and loved it. I meant to do it again this month but well, I already missed day 1 šŸ˜„ Hope you have fun playing with your craft stuff šŸ˜ƒ Hannah xxx

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