The 52 Week Illustration Challenge

It’s been a while but I’m back with more illustrations for the Facebook challenge. Its been a bonkers few weeks  – the kids were under the weather, two week Easter holiday, Hubby had laser eye surgery for glaucoma (he is only in his 40’s) which then didn’t work and, you all know, just life. Oh and my scanner broke which is a total pain as that really is the best way to get a digital copy of my pictures. The result is that I have missed two weeks illustrations out but I am desperately hopeful that I will catch up at some point. I will not be defeated! Also, sincere apologies for not keeping up with everyone’s blogs.

This will be a picture heavy post so I will just jump straight in and give you something to look at besides my waffling words.

Week 12 – Happy place

Week 12 Happy Place (2)

This one was more a quick doodle but Easter holidays and all that.

Week 13 – Cinema

Week 13 Cinema (3)I really struggled with this one. Nothing would work and I fell out with my watercolour paper. The texture just seemed off and nothing worked. The word ‘Cinema’ made me think of my son’s last visit to watch a film (Beauty and The Beast to be exact) and he is a very small 6 year old. However hard he tried he just couldn’t keep the seat down so he spent the whole time with his knees up near his shoulders with this enormous bag of popcorn. He looked tiny in the chair.

Week 16 – ExperimentWeek 16 - Experiment 1For me, hats are always an experiment! I bought a different watercolour paper to try for this and totally fell in love with it. Its nothing too fancy but totally different to the previous pad.

Week 17 – Long haired animalWeek 17 - Long haired animal (2) AAny excuse to draw a magical, sparkly, rainbow unicorn plus my daughter adored this so its a total winner 🙂 The original also had glitter dots that don’t show on the photo.

Week 18 – Rain cloudsWeek 18 - Rain cloudsI’m finding my feet a little again and enjoyed this challenge. I still don’t have a new scanner and the photo I took of this altered the red quite a lot.

These are all watercolour and colour pencil.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.

Hannah x


12 thoughts on “The 52 Week Illustration Challenge

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  1. I do love the way you interpret the brief. ‘Experiment’ made me smile, for the artwork and the narrative.

  2. Great to see you back Hannah! I too am slowly trying to catch up with all my blogs, they’ve all been sitting in my inbox for weeks and I’m going through them
    One by one in order. As always, I love your ‘doodles ‘. I can imagine it’s quite hard to interpret the subject, so much choice! I particularly love the experiment. Xx

    1. Thank you. I was just starting to get back up to speed with things and now I have a poorly snotty boy with sore ears 😞 I possibly spend as much time trying to work out what to draw as I do with the actual drawing. More annoyingly, I’ll sit and start and then change my mind half way through. Hope all is well with you. Hxx

      1. Oh no, I hope he feels better soon, it’s horrible, especially when the weather is lovely and there’s half term approaching. I know exactly what you mean about spending too much time contemplating than actually doing. Thanks Hannah, hope you’re keeping well too xx

      2. Its just typical, he always gets ill as half term approaches. It’s like his little body just can’t keep going but this is the boy who gets a virus and ends up in hospital unable to walk so really I should consider myself lucky that I’m sat at home on this occasion! 😃 Hxx

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