Faux Concrete Jewellery and Etsy

What’s this? Yep, a second blog post in as many days. Truth be told I am currently nursing a headache and sore back so taking time to sitย and allow painkillers to kick in so I thought this was a perfect time to show some of my new clay makes. I have a packet of Jaffa cakes for company (because they are simply the best medication!) so I’ll stop moaning and get on with what the blog is actually about.

Concrete jewellery is a thing it seems. I had no idea until one evening spent aimlessly looking at Pintrest I came across all these concrete pendant necklaces – for anyone that doesn’t used Pintrest you could start looking at living room decorating ideas and end up at concrete necklaces via lemon drizzle cake recipes and house cleaning hacks. Just love it, don’t you?

Well, I don’t have concrete but thought that they looked pretty cool. I do however have the prettiest granite effect clay that is largely grey but has little black flecks and silver glitter running through it. Here’s what I came up with.

Faux concrete necklace 3Faux concrete necklace 1Faux concrete necklace 4As you can see some are finished with stripes of acrylic paint in gold and turquoise and others have gold and silver leaf pressed into them. I had ideas of using this most amazing pink paint on some of them instead of turquoise but quite soon realised that I didn’t own the colour paint I was dreaming of!

This was such a fun project that I thought I may do a little blog tutorial for them.

Some of these are now in a shop locally to sell and the others are listed on my Etsy shop which I am steadily trying to improve. I am not great at photography (ie, its takes ages to get good photos and its pretty much hit or miss every time as to the results). I have a ton of items still to photograph and list. I have also added a snazzy new direct link on my blog to my Etsy shop (with the help of a lovely blog friend) at the top of the right side bar. I just hope it works! Constructive feedback welcome – I still feel quite daunted about putting my things out for sale.

As ever, grateful for every visit to my little blog.

Hannah x

12 thoughts on “Faux Concrete Jewellery and Etsy

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    1. My back is still sore but the chocolate worked wonders on my headache ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you. I was suspicious as to how heavy a concrete necklace would be but I suspect that is why the pendants are always so small. Hannah x

  1. They all look lovely, the granite effect clay is very pretty. I think your photos look fine (I’m not a photographer though ๐Ÿ˜‚) I usually just take mine in the conservatory as it has good natural light, and then I hope for the best.

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