Week 22 – The 52 Week Illustration Challenge and New Paints

I keep checking that this was indeed week 22 of the Facebook illustration challenge. It seems so hard to believe that it is almost half way through.

This weeks prompt was ‘My Favourite Thing’. Well my current favourite thing are the 6 new Daniel Smith watercolours I treated myself too. I already had the watercolour essential set which contains 2 yellows, 2 reds and 2 blues (a warm and cool version of each colour) so that you can mix almost every other colour. I love them but didn’t want to spend all my time mixing a basic brown or green plus who doesn’t love a spot of shopping?! I really wanted a tin to put them in and they come ready to hold 12 half pans so I chose 5 other colours that I use frequently or thought would be useful and one really frivolous purple made from crushed amethyst. It has the most gorgeous sparkle. I think my little palette has room for me to squeeze an extra half pan on each row so I’m considering buying a neutral tint and one other but I don’t know what colour that would be yet. If you have a Daniel Smith paint colour you love let me know πŸ™‚ Here is a random snap shot of my new palette showing all the colours I now have.


Anyway, you didn’t come here to listen to me ramble on about paint. For ‘my favourite thing’ (and to test out my new paints) I doodled vegetables in my sketch book. I love the mushrooms (and amazed myself that they actually look like mushrooms) and I love eating mushrooms so that became this weeks entry.

Mushroom watercolour

I also doodled some other veg playing around. My daughter thinks I am very odd painting vegetables when there are pretty flowers and birds in the world but I do really like veg. I practiced getting a shine (needs more work) and mixing colours (hmmmm, need to learn to mix more hence my carrots being different colours) and generally drawing something that looks like my chosen subject (tick – I can do that one. My kids fell about laughing at my funny veg paintings). So here are more random vegetable watercolours from my sketch book practice.

Watercolour broccoliWatercolour aubergineWatercolour carrotsWatercolour red pepper

Right, well there is your 5 a day all wrapped up in one blog post!

Happy Wednesday folks.

Hannah x

10 thoughts on “Week 22 – The 52 Week Illustration Challenge and New Paints

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    1. Thank you so much. I am determined to keep practicing and trying to learn more about how watercolour worked. Years and years ago I loved the idea of learning how to draw and paint but with a full time job I never quite got round to consistently practicing and spend years just dipping in and out. It’s is quite nerve wracking to put my paintings on my blog but it keeps me motivated to improve. Hannah x

  1. They’re amazing! I love veg too and in particular mushrooms. Your broccoli looks just like a photograph of one, incredible! Xx

    1. Thank you so much Vicki. Mushrooms are a particular favourite of mine too although I never say no to any vegetable (just as well as I really am not much of a meat eater). The broccoli was the first one I painted – you should have heard my kids when they came to see what I was doing. They thought I was quite bonkers painting broccoli! My 6 year old kept just saying ‘broccoli’ over and over again and laughing. At least I can entertain them with my painting πŸ˜€ Hannah xx

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