Flower Bracelet

We are well into the school summer holidays so crafting is a little slower than normal but I have been itching to use the new pip beads I bought in my local bead shop. They are lovely and unlike anything I have used before. Think squashed apple pips with a hole in the pointy end! I soon discovered that because there was only one hole in the beads and this was down one end that once threaded they had a habit of folding in on themselves and needed a support to hold the pattern in place.

Much practice was had accompanied by lots of frustration.

I decided they were impossible to use.

But then……….

Pip Bead 9

You know the feeling when it all fall into place.

I am now in love with pip beads. I accidentally bought some more but in my defence I was suffering from shock after school shoe shopping plus a pair of trainers for my son who it seems is storing all his food in his feet (the total shoe cost could have fed us all for a week or more). Β£1.75 (x3!) for a pack of pip beads didn’t seem so bad.

I also have some new props from a recent trip to Derbyshire – a little trip down memory lane for my husband and I and an exciting trip for my kids who have recently become fascinated with semi-precious stones. We visited Bakewell and Castleton (known for it’s Blue John Stone). My daughter took delight at the sight of all the Bakewell tarts and my son took his time carefully choosing some special gems to decorate his bedroom. He is playing at a friends house tomorrow – He has already selected which gems he is taking to show off!

A few more shots to give the new props a test run.

Pip Bead 8Pip Bead 10Pip Bead 11

The thing that pleases me the most about this bracelet is that the underneath is as pretty at the top. There is a careful pattern of seed beads under the pip beads to give them much needed support.

Pip Bead 13

Along with the pip beads and size 11 seed beads are some lovey two tone super duo beads.

Pip bead 5

Thanks for reading.

Hannah x

11 thoughts on “Flower Bracelet

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  1. Ohhhh Hannah!!! This is a stunning piece. I love both sides equally.

    Taken from your post…. this made me hoot out loud, and I ended up having to sit Mr.C down and read him (animatedly) your post, just so I could get to this part. . . .

    “I am now in love with pip beads. I accidentally bought some more but in my defence. . .

    …. Dearest much love Hannah …. firstly … I can relate to ‘accidentally’ buying some things (a little too often I fear lol), but when it’s you doing it, it then becomes just awesome and so, so funny. Bless your beautiful heart.
    (Even Mr.C laughed … and then pointed his accusing finger at me! How rude!)

    Aww love you to pieces and this bracelet too.
    A truly beautiful, GREAT make!
    love ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. Ha ha, Mr Cobs sounds like a man who knows/understands a crafters problems.

      I think I ‘accidentally’ buy a lot of craft things. I start out with such good intention but inevitably things always go wrong. There are many nights where one of my children can’t sleep and I sit up surfing the internet. The days following a little flurry of boxes arrive at the door. Oops. Two of my favourite online shops accept paypal so I don’t even need to worry about having my card details ready. It really is too easy.

      Thank you for such a lovely comment and for brightening up my day. Hxxx

  2. Hi Hannah, I love, love, love this bracelet! I recognised your blog name when you popped over yesterday, so I must have been following you at some point. Then I noticed you know Cobs and I realised that’s where I know you from. Well I’m following you now – your creations are so beautiful. xx

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