New Year Resolutions?

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that the new year fills you with excitement at what possibilities the next 12 months have to offer. For me 2017 flew by far too quickly, especially from September onwards and it wasn't all because I was having too much fun either. It was a... Continue Reading →

New Birthday Shawl

Another year has passed and, as of last Sunday, I am another year older. I have been given a lovely selection of gifts and I appreciate them all but I thought I'd show you the amazing shawl my sister knitted for me. I admired one that she had knitted in the early summer and cheekily... Continue Reading →

Flower Bracelet

We are well into the school summer holidays so crafting is a little slower than normal but I have been itching to use the new pip beads I bought in my local bead shop. They are lovely and unlike anything I have used before. Think squashed apple pips with a hole in the pointy end!... Continue Reading →

A Little Catch Up……

Hello! It seems a like lifetime since I wrote a blog post. Its been a looooong 6 weeks or so (possibly 6 months but who's counting). My laptop broke, closely followed by my mobile phone, closely followed by my tumble dryer - it's summer I know, I can dry my washing outside but it won't... Continue Reading →

Some Weeks Only Cake Will Do!

Some weeks only cake will do. Or chocolate. Maybe wine. I'm rather late showing my last Christmas card but that is due to Christmas not exactly going as planned. My husbands Uncle died on the 21st December and my 4 year old son was rushed to hospital early on the 22nd December. He had been... Continue Reading →

Kids Crafts – Easy Beaded Hearts

Well, the kids are on holiday and we've had fun doing various activities and playdates but the weather isn't altogether summery. Today we decided on an easy walk to the shops but the smallest suggestion of rain and thunder put a stop to any plans. The kids are terrified of thunder so refused to get... Continue Reading →

  Hello and welcome to my blog. I have been oohing and ahhing over crafty blogs for some time now and have finally plucked up the courage to jump into blog land. I enjoy crafting first and foremost; mainly card making, jewellery making and home decor projects. I in no way consider myself an expert... Continue Reading →

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