Some Weeks Only Cake Will Do!

Some weeks only cake will do. Or chocolate. Maybe wine.

I’m rather late showing my last Christmas card but that is due to Christmas not exactly going as planned. My husbands Uncle died on the 21st December and my 4 year old son was rushed to hospital early on the 22nd December. He had been a little wobbly on his feet the previous day but we were distracted with the news of Hubby’s Uncle dying and Christmas preparations. He was well in himself and eating better than normal but on the morning of the 22nd he woke up very weak; unable to support his body weight so could not sit up, stand or support his head, his arms and legs were floppy and every time he moved his head he was sick. It certainly didn’t seem like a bug. My daughter was terrified and hid away in her room. Hubby was in work so I called my Mum to help. We agreed he needed an ambulance. Paramedics agreed he needed hospital and doctors decided he needed admitting. So there we stayed for 3 days while they decided what was wrong.

My little boy was remarkable and completed every examination with as much effort as he could manage and never once complained when he was asked to do the same thing repeatedly. I lost track of how many doctors we saw and how many questions we answered. Between paediatricians and neurologists it was decided he needed an MRI and lumbar puncture. By this time his speech was slurred and he couldn’t touch his nose. I’m not going to deny that we were very worried.

His brain and spine scan thankfully came back clear so they diagnosed post viral ataxia. He should make a full recovery and has already improved more than I could possibly imagine. He is a very determined character and won’t let dizziness and not being able to walk stop him!

Now my cat is unwell……….. I stocked up on chocolate this morning……… But really this isn’t about me. It’s about my little boy and his ability to always be positive and all the other parents I met on the neurology ward during my stay with my son. They remained calm and upbeat in the face of far worse prognoses than my son. It was a humbling experience.

After all that rambling I’ll show you the card I made my husband. It was hand drawn and painted with watercolours. The sentiment is a Tim Holtz stamp.


A totally rubbish photo but as good as it’s going to get at the moment!

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