A Little Catch Up……


It seems a like lifetime since I wrote a blog post. Its been a looooong 6 weeks or so (possibly 6 months but who’s counting). My laptop broke, closely followed by my mobile phone, closely followed by my tumble dryer – it’s summer I know, I can dry my washing outside but it won’t stop raining. My Wi-Fi decided it need a holiday and only fancied working intermittently (more off than on) so we waited for repair and now I have kitchen cupboards refusing to open as they have suddenly got damaged (how?!).

Is it me or do I have ghosts? I’m seriously starting to wonder.

Anyway, its been very expensive few months and I’ve had a load of kids school summer activities to attend. I had been trying to stock up my Etsy shop but that has had to go on the back burner whilst I sorted other things out. I’m back up and running now. The kitchen cupboard is still stuck but I’m ignoring that one a) because it mainly has cleaning things in it, b) the whole kitchen needs ripping out and replacing so no point worrying about a cupboard when I can worry about my bank balance instead c) I’m fed up of feeling fed up about everything!

On a much brighter and lighter note (thank you if you haven’t already moved on from this wallowing blog post to much happier things and for allowing me the indulgence of a seriously needed moan) my husband and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary this week. I haven’t made a card in ages but I felt that I really should for this occasion.

I have had a Tim Holtz Distress Spritzer Tool for quite a while and some free time to play. We are not soppy so I settled on a simple rainbow heart design with a little sparkle.

Anniversary card 3

That funny looking tool is the spritzer tool. You put pens in it and squeeze the handle which in turn forces air through it and deposits a lovely little spray of ink. The results are pretty cool. I thought this left over piece was too pretty not to show. I have die cut hearts from it using Die-namics by MFT Coffee Cup set.

Anniversary card 1

I allowed the colours to mix a little so they would blend into each other. I love the speckled texture they have. I finished with a simple sentiment from Tim Holtz (turns out I don’t have a happy anniversary stamp).

Anniversary card 2.jpg

Each heart has a layer of holographic embossing powder on them so they sparkle. They have been raised up on 3d foam.

Apologies for the totally rubbish photos – I live in hope that one day I will learn how to take a decent photo. Until my wish is granted I shall just have to keep torturing you all with these blue tinged pics.

Hope Wednesday is being kind to you all. I’m now off to buy my daughter a whole new wardrobe of clothes (when will she stop growing?!!!)

Hannah x

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  1. Lovely to see you back Hannah! The card looks great. Happy Anniversary to you. I hope things start getting better for you. I too hope to write a long overdue blog post soon, when I get around to it! Have a great summer holidays xx

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Why does everything go wrong all at the same time?! Hoping things calm down soon – if nothing else the kids are on school holidays now so I have plenty to distract me 😀 Hxx

  2. Glad to see a post by you 🙂

    The card is so pretty! The holographic powder also shows through, which is cool. And I think the pictures look lovely, so you needn’t be worried about them 🙂

  3. Welcome home dearest, much loved and missed Hannah. I really don’t feel happy in blog land with a missing Artisan Duck.

    You are so very much allowed a grump and a grouch – and reading what you’ve been living through over the past few weeks I can totally understand the mood.

    I LOVE the card. It’s perfect – and I actually really like that you didn’t have the Anniversary word stamp as the simple statement beneath all of those artistic hearts makes the card complete. It’s perfect.

    Sooooo glad you’re back Hannah.
    Much love ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. Ah Cobs, thank you for such a lovely comment. I will admit to feeling quite low over the last few weeks but the kids are off on their school holidays now so I am suitably distracted!

      It sounds a little big headed to admit this but I was really pleased with how the card turned out. It was one of those that stared out as one thing and turned into something else. I’m totally addicted to that little spritzer tool and planning some other possible backgrounds/makes using it. Hxx

      1. Been there, done that. I’ve begun with a plan, and it turned a corner and went somewhere totally different…. and I too loved what the finished item was.

        Looking forward to seeing some other makes with that spritzer. The effect is brilliant! That card was perfection. You could make and sell those for a good price! (just a thought there)
        Sending squidges ~ C. xxx

      2. Trying to revive my card making – my card making mojo packed up and left a while ago and I’m still trying to find it. Loved the effect whilst using minimal supplies. Making more is on my to do list with about 1000 other ideas currently floating around my brain 🤣 hxx

      3. I read that you found yourself in a down time …. and perhaps this is why your mojo upped and went to play in the garden.

        It will come back Hannah. As you feel brighter and lighter ..things will improve and then you might find yourself playing until you feel inspired. Until then… take a gander over at pinterest. When I’m at a loss, I can always find something to stir me over there.

        Love you oodles Hannah. Don’t stress the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff.
        Heaps of love, buckets of squidges and a prayer tucked into the feathers on an Angels wing, bound for Heaven.
        ~ Cobs. xxx 🤗

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