New Baby Illustration

My poor blog has been so neglected for the last few weeks as my laptop went to laptop heaven and my mobile phone decided to follow shortly after but I’m back (new phone all set up and ready) with a special illustration for my new baby nephew. 

A little background – my sister (baby’s Mum)  is a knitter and the new Dad is a photographer. They had a toy monkey that would model baby clothes throughout the pregnancy. I tried to incorporate all these into this picture as well as all the important information such as name and date of birth. See if you can spot his birth weight! 

I checked they were happy having me share this gift with you. 

The overall illustration is 8″x10″ and is a combination of watercolour and coloured pencil with black fine liner. 

New parents are pleased with it and I got some lovely new born baby cuddles today πŸ˜ƒ

Hannah xxx

6 thoughts on “New Baby Illustration

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    I truly love this piece. It’s such a high quality piece of artwork, and so personal. It must have taken you hours and hours.
    Well done you amazing artist that you are. Very, VERY well done!
    love ~ Cobs. x ❀

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