Inktober Days 3 – 6

I’m still keeping up with Inktober. Admittedly it’s only the 7th of October so there’s time yet to fall behind!

I won’t ramble on today.

Day 4
Inktober – Underwater

Micron pen with a black Inktense pencil. I really need to learn to let the paper dry in between layers of Inktense!

Day 5
Inktober – Long (hair)

Playing with my new Pentel brush pen. I loved the effect on the hair.

Day 6
Inktober – Sword (earring)

I had absolutely no inspiration for the prompt ‘sword’ so figured I would try a sword earring. Her face looks kind of funny – a little squashed or something. Totally out of my comfort zone with this but honestly I wanted an excuse to use my new brush pen again!

That’s it for now. Happy Saturday folks.

Hannah x

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