Cloud Beads

A few week ago we went to clothes shopping for my kids. You can’t go too wrong with supermarket clothes (especially for growing kids) so we went to Asda. Whilst I definitely wasn’t looking for myself, I found a jumper with 3 large daisies on the front and fell in love with it. It makes me happy when I wear it but it needed some jewellery. I also just happened to buy some bird connectors whilst browsing online and thought they would be perfect with my new jumper. The clay was out and I was in a mood to have fun.

I made a cloud cane so I could make cloud beads. I told you this was sensible 🙂


I honestly had no idea how this would work out or if they actually looked like clouds so I sent photos to my sister and showed my kids to see if they knew what they were. They all agreed that they looked like clouds as opposed to white blobs on a blue bead.


I’ve made a number of necklaces (one for me and then some for Etsy and my upcoming craft fair) and then this bracelet.

I have loads of the cloud cane left so I will have to decide what to do with it.

This necklace makes me as happy as my daisy jumper 😀

Happy Saturday.

Hannah x


14 thoughts on “Cloud Beads

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  1. Absolutely fan-bloomin-tastic Hannah!!! An inspired bit of creative cleverness on your part and teaming the beads with the bird is perfection.

    With the left over cane … how about little pendants? Round buttons, each with a cloud on it.. 😀
    ~ Cobs. x

    1. Thank you. Buttons! How brilliant and you must be a mind reader as I’ve just finished making buttons for a commission. They would make cute buttons.

      I like the idea of pendants too.

      As ever, you have the best ideas. Hxx

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