Inktober Days 7 – 10

I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying Inktober. I love to work in colour usually but there is something quite nice about covering large areas in black ink and working on shading and adding details in white. I also like adding a little pop of colour so that is stands out against the black and white details.

Anyhoo, here are the pictures for days 7 – 10.

Day 7
Inktober Day 7 – Shy
Day 8
Inktober Day 8 – Crooked
Day 9
Inktober Day 9 – Screech
Day 10
Inktober Day 10 – Gigantic

I’m tempted to draw the crooked house again on a bigger piece of paper and possibly in colour. Hmmmmmm

Hannah x

14 thoughts on “Inktober Days 7 – 10

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      1. It reminds me of a painting I did donkeys years ago – of three little houses on a bendy hill. I didn’t realise that anyone but me liked it, so when it came time for moving, I sent it to the charity shop. Only for daughter No2 to ask me about it a week later, and wanting to be given to her!
        Up till then she never said word about it. tsk tsk.
        Twas too late. It was gone.
        I think you could certainly do it bigger, and in colour. What have you got to lose? Go for it. I think it could become a big favourite.

        I have this funny little feeling that you could also do it all in blue, like a delph plate – or red, as in ‘red work’. Even all in brown – chocolate colours.

        It’s one of those paintings which is like a Warhol …. it could look really stunning done in many colours.!
        You clever thing.
        Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

      2. It would be cool to try it in different colours to see how different it looked.

        How awful about your painting and typical that someone wants what you just donated. Hxx

  1. I really like the house with just the windows in colour, but i guess if you try it in colour you won’t lose anything and then you can see which you prefer. I love the colours in shy as well. Your drawings are gorgeous

    1. Thank you so much Cobs. I am missing my blog and everyone in blog land terribly. The craft fair has been and gone (Sunday to be precise) and I’m hoping normal service can be resumed. I have things to show just need to take pictures!

      Hope you are OK – I remember you had some medically things bothering you. Thank you for thinking of me. Hxx

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