A Fox and Other Random Doodles

I’ve been trying to get back into my drawing over the last few weeks; I find it very relaxing but also very hard as I want everything to be perfect first time. I found myself getting very frustrated with my watercolours because nothing seemed to work but I now realise that this was largely because I was rushing things. I wanted instant results but I’m not confident enough with them to just splash around some water and colour and go ‘ta da, look what I painted’. Meanwhile my much loved Promarker pens were sat on a shelf looking lonely and unloved. I used them a lot for card making but not much else.

Promarkers out – check.

Random subjects chosen – check.

Fox promarker illustration

I had been doodling a lot of foxes in a sketch book so I decided to give one some colour. The photo doesn’t quite do the colours justice.

Camp promarker illustration

My daughter went on a school trip and whilst she wasn’t camping this is what came to mind that day to draw. I changed things  up with black outlines which only confirmed that I totally dislike outlining my work but the colours were looking a little blury and I wanted to try a different style.


Because the long dull days are getting to me and I found this photo on Pinterest. I had soooo much fun with playing with colours and getting them to blend, making the shape of the waves and all that good  stuff until I was doing the sun and picked up a number 4 grey instead of my pale purple. Eek, definitely no going back. As my ballet teacher used to say ‘If you are going to make a mistake, do it boldly’. I used my ink brush pen for the palm trees as I wanted a very black black and white gel pen.


A random watercolour that I was quite pleased with. I used the Doodlewashed prompt of Fizzy Drink on Instagram for this one before my watercolours and I parted ways. I enjoyed making the ice cubes look submerged in the drink and adding bubbles.

Anyway, some random little pictures on a Monday morning. Hoping I can keep up the drawing momentum now that I’ve actually started again. I can only get better – I hope!

Hannah x

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  1. I’m totally jealous of your mad drawing and coloring skills! That fizzy drink looks like I could reach in and take a slurp!! I’m especially jealous of your waves. (BTW, had you not said I’d’ve thought you meant for those grey clouds over the sun.) I have never been able to get a wave to look even remotely realistic. Now I have a stamp for that. lol!

    1. Thank you so much D.Ann. For years I have wanted to draw and paint but decided I wouldn’t be able to. I’m glad my grey marker didn’t ruin the sun too much. Lessons learned though – always check what you are picking up especially if your desk is covered in a rainbow of pens! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I spent so much time looking at a picture of a glass of coke with ice trying to decide how to make it look realistic. Fun but think my family thought I was a little odd staring at it so intently. They’ll get used to it 😀

      I have a soft spot for the fox picture. Tempted to try again with watercolours now!

  2. This is the third time I’m going to try and post a comment about this post …. each time I’ve managed to high-lite and then delete the whole of the comment, and I know not how I’m doing it! grrrrrrr!

    I was having a difficult time choosing which picture was my favourite … I loved them all … until . . . I saw the cola in the glass, with the straw and ice. THAT PICTURE STOLE MY HEART INSTANTLY. I think it was the straw which did it for me. But … the whole thing. Just brilliant.

    Instantly began singy songy saying inside my head: “Lip smacking, thirst quenching, ace tasting, motivating, … etc etc etc. (That used to hack my elder brother off really badly. I knew every single word to the advert ‘song’, and he could string the words together, because they were said so fast that he couldn’t pick them up. Ohhh, my life was worth living if only for that bit of annoyance to my brother! lol)

    GREAT pictures Hannah. Fantastic to see you painting again. ~ C. xxx

    1. Thank you Cobs – I am glad that your comment finally made it through. The glass of coke turned out far better than I expected and possibly a sign that I shouldn’t have had such a tantrum with my watercolours! Little secret – the straw became spotty because I totally messed it up. The white gel pen covers it well 😉

      Have to laugh at you annoying your brother with that song. That’s what siblings are for, right?! I am one of 4 girls so I had plenty of sisters to wind up. As I tell my kids – you would be lonely with out your brother/sister. They argue the otherwise but I know better than to listen. Hannah x

    1. Thank you. I think I had most fun with the palm tree picture. By the time I got to that drawing I had coloured the others so I was feeling a little more confident. Plus I love that intense black ink in my brush pen used on the palm trees. Just so much fun 🙂

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