Inktober Day 5

The prompt was chicken. I wasn’t too inspired by it so thought I’d try a different style. I thought more of a folk art look would be fun to try.

I’m quite pleased with it but think with more time last night I could perhaps have done better. I really enjoyed the style though so I may try again at some point (although not with a chicken!)

Hannah x

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  1. You’re “quite pleased”? QUITE PLEASED???? Are you CRAZY?
    This is so brilliant Hannah that before I’d even read anything I was already oooing and aahhhing over that chicken! It’s fantastic.
    Quite pleased? You are waaay too critical of your brilliant art, missy.
    You’ll come back in a couple of months or so and see this and see it as if for the first time … THEN you’ll see how fabulous this is!
    GREAT JOB Hannah. love ❀ it! ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. Thank you πŸ˜ƒ It’s hard to look at what I’ve drawn and not feel a little critical. I love this style though and really want to revisit it but with colour and maybe do a bigger illustration. It reminds me of something from when I was younger but I’m not sure what. Possibly my parents 70’s pattern dishes πŸ˜ƒ Hxx

      1. Ohhhh… YES! I had that same feeling when I first saw it and couldn’t work out what it reminded me of …. and I’m now thinking that it could well have been a similar pattern type of thing, on the side of some Pyrex dishes my mom had when I was young. White dishes, with handles on the side, which she used to make casseroles in. They had a pattern on the side – which I think (THINK*) were flowers and .. something or other. And they had these lines inside the ‘drawn’ lines, instead of a solid colour. I THINK the patterns were blue. I THINK. But I could be totally wrong. lol.

        Fabulous drawing though Hannah. ~ Cobs. xxx

      2. Yes, yes a casserole dish. My mum had a purple one with orange flowers and greenery on it and then a white cup and saucer set (I think) with a bold flowery pattern. Hxx

    1. I loved drawing this one and promised myself that I would try again with a folk art style. I’m yet to do it though. Hoping I’ll find time at some point to look more into folk art.

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