Inktober Day 4

The prompt for day 4 was Spell. I’m not going to lie – I totally loved drawing this one. I didn’t get it all done yesterday and so I had to finish it this morning.

I’m not entirely sure that my photography has done it any favours. The cat isn’t actually blury in my sketchbook.

I’ve used black ink and a gold acrylic paint pen.

Today’s word is ‘chicken’. I did try to see is I could sneak a chicken into this picture last minute but it looked too bizarre πŸ˜†

Hannah x

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      1. That’s true… I’ve mainly been inking straight away, as it feels like twice the work otherwise, but with two of my pictures I’ve done a rough outline first to try to get the proportions right before inking. Do you always do a pencil drawing first and then go over it?

      2. I can beat you on laziness – for today’s drawing I’ve copied a picture I drew before and added drool to it. Too many distractions today for anything more complicated! πŸ˜†

      3. Oh yes, I tried last year and quit before the first week was up. Life will inevitably get in the way at some point but for the time being I’m doing OK πŸ˜ƒ

      4. Ha ha, not likely. My son has started having some type of absence seizure so we are having to keep a close eye on him and wait for further testing. Always fun and games here. The drawing is keeping me sane!

      5. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you can figure out what’s going on and get some helpful treatment soon for him. I’m glad the drawing is helping and not adding pressure. Xx

      6. Shame you couldn’t just reach your pens to draw your ‘exhausted cat’ πŸ˜‚. I’ve felt really tired today and it’s the first time I’ve had to push myself to do a drawing. I’ve done it though. Are you going to post your drooling picture? Or have you already done it and I’ve just missed it?

      7. I’m just drawing my exhausted and, yes, I took inspiration from my cat πŸ˜† I’m going to post both in one post as soon as I’ve finished. I can see that I’m finding it hard to find ideas but I feel at the same time that I’m getting a little more confident. How are you finding it?

      8. I was getting more confident but my heart wasn’t really in it today so I’ve done a very quick sloth who hasn’t turned out as I wanted.i was aiming for cartoony rather than realistic detail but it’s ended up in some rubbishy middle ground! Still, feeling pleased that I didn’t just skip today. Inspiration is hard… I’ve not found the last two days very easy. I’ve read someone else’s posts and they’ve made a list of nouns for their prompts instead, as they find that easier to do. I think I would too, but I’m going to keep going with this list of prompts now I’ve started on it.

      9. I know what you mean. I’m thinking it’s because Monday to Friday I’m busy all the time so I’m more geared up to draw. I tend to crash at the weekend and really find myself not wanting to do anything in particular including draw. We haven’t given up though and I’m hoping that we will feel revived and ready to start again tomorrow πŸ™‚ Just think what we may have learned by the end of October πŸ˜ƒ

      10. I think so, you could be right there. I’ve just had a headache today and feel like sleeping. But… I’ve already got an idea for tomorrow and am going for a chilled option of a star outline filled with doodles in each section. I want an opportunity to do my own thing rather than trying to copy from a photo. We can do this πŸ˜‰

      11. That sounds a great idea. It will take some pressure off as you will be designing it. I haven’t thought about tomorrow yet but tempted to look through when I can for the week ahead and make some mental notes of ideas that come to mind.

      12. It certainly helps me to begin planning the next day’s drawing after I finish the current one as I can mull over how I want it to look and how I might achieve that, before I’m actually sitting down with my pen and paper.

  1. Have you been peeping through the window at me in my craft room, Hannah?
    LOOOVE this drawing and especially love the fire. I can see the flames moving, and the smoke rising from the pot. (That’s my Ranger melt pot by the way. LOL)
    Great drawing. Another one I’d buy. ~ Cobs. xxx

      1. Thank you. Oh, I didn’t mean I would scan it to alter it (sorry) I have a much neglected Red Bubble shop and keep planning on reviving it. I thought this little witch would look cute on a note book or as a sticker πŸ™‚ I would scan it to upload to Red Bubble. Hxx

  2. You are an amazing artist! I am now following your blog! Would love it if you followed me back if you like!

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I have had a quick look at your blog and followed you back. I hope to have a little more time later to read more. I am very interested in reading your post on growing up with Autism as both my children are autistic.

      1. Thanks so much for the follow back! I look forward to talking to you more in the future!

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