Inktober Day 6 & 7

I thought I’d post both drawings from this weekend in the same post. Neither are particular great or inspired but I haven’t given up either so I’m giving myself credit for that!

Day 6 prompt was drooling. I mean honestly, why, just why?!

Day 7 (today) was exhausted. I feel there may be some irony on this one as by the 7th day, whilst it’s got easier to put pen to paper and have more confidence to draw, I’m also a little tired of thinking up ideas. I think it’s mostly because it’s the weekend and I’ve slowed right down from the madness of the week.

I don’t exactly dislike this one. I’m pleased with the texture and pattern on the cushion. My favourite fine liner has nearly died which is very annoying.

Anyway, I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I have baked biscuits with the kids and chilled out pretty much 😃

Hannah x

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    1. Aw, thank you so much. That is the nicest comment. I actually have an Redbubble shop that I neglected because I wasn’t confident about my drawings. You upload your illustration and they print onto various items (t-shirts, mugs, notebooks etc). I’ve never even mentioned it on my blog. Maybe I should revive it 🙂 Your comment has totally made my day 😃

  1. Both great drawings! And yes … I hate it too when your favourite pen (especially when they’re fine liners) begin on that final . . . . .slow . . . . . journey . . . . to . . . . th…e……. e….n……d… ..o….f…. ..t….h..i…….e……..r….. …….l….i….f… … … . . . . . . . . . . . 😦

    Great drawings Hannah. love them both. ~ C. xxx

      1. Ahh, I know that feeling well. I have a favourite pen which did the very same thing – nib disappeared into the pen – … it no longer gives up any ink … so why can’t I throw it away?

        Some loves are difficult to say goodbye to, even when they’ve reached their final moments. The memory lingers on . . . and on.

        Dam* those all out of love pens!!
        😀 ~ Cobs. x

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