Inktober Day 8

I’m still going with Inktober 😃

Today’s prompt is ‘star’. I couldn’t think how to make a drawing of an actual star interesting so I decided on a different track and drew a performer/celebrity/star.

No one in particular but another great challenge in drawing people. One day I’ll look at body proportions but for now just overlook the big head and mismatched arms 😂

My black ink brush pen was very handy for this.

She is of course holding a microphone and not an ice cream!

Happy Monday.

Hannah x

7 thoughts on “Inktober Day 8

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  1. I like this. I took in the full picture and just liked the ‘feel’ of it. I didn’t notice the mismatched arms till you mentioned it, but now I can see them I don’t think they detract from that original feel given by her pose and the dramatic lighting 😊

    1. Thank you. I realise I’m my own worst enemy pointing out what’s wrong in the picture 🤣 it’s like I’m saying ‘don’t judge me, I know it’s not great’. I’m glad the lighting is dramatic 😃

      1. I do the same… But for me I think it’s a bit about ‘if I get in there and say something negative about it first then it won’t bother me if you think it’ (which is not true in reality!!) plus, I don’t want people thinking I think my pictures are great when I know they’re not. Silly really, as other people seem to be able to see more good things than I can in my own work. Maybe that’s why it’s good to share it?

      2. I think you are right – it is hard to see what is good about your own work because I spend so long looking at it that’s its hard to see the positives. I also totally agree with you about jumping in with your own criticism so people don’t assume I think my pictures are great when they are not. Blog land is such a positive and supportive place (in my experience) that it’s kind of a safe place to share. It’s been a long day so if that makes no sense please excuse me 😜

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