Paisley Duo and Kite Bead Earring PDF


Honestly, I am so excited to share this with you all today. This is the first pdf bead weaving tutorial I have listed in my Etsy shop for sale. It has taken me months to put together and get the courage to list it but these earrings are too pretty and fancy for me not to share them.

Don’t worry there are still plenty of free Beadweaving tutorials here on my blog and I will continue to upload them. I feel guilty for starting to charge for some of them but, when they are as long as this Paisley Duo and Kite bead earring tutorial and they have taken me months to make, photograph and edit then I have to start being realistic about things.

One of the steps in my new Paisley Duo and Kite bead Beadweaving tutorial

There are over 60 step by step photos covering the making of these earrings as I wanted to capture them in as much detail as possible. I also wanted to make this tutorial as accessible as possible to beginners so I have covered basics such as how to knot your threads, how to add the earring wires etc.

I love the options that two hole beads give so combining two different types of two hole beads in this tutorial was fun. Alongside the Paisley Duos and Kite beads, I have used size 15 seed beads and 3mm pearls to help bring the piece together.

The finished earrings from my new shell inspired Paisley Duo and Kite bead Beadweaving tutorial

I was inspired by the shape of the Paisley Duo beads and, with the gentle curve they have, I felt that they looked like the scallops of a sea shell when laid out backing onto each other. The white Kite beads are where shells hinge with their fellow shell partner and the seed beads brings definition and magic sparkle to the earrings. I added pearls to bring this whole sea shell vision together.

I also have some Paisley Duo beads in blue so I made a second pair with transparent teal seed beads and faceted beads in place of pearls. They are just as pretty as the pink version. I have included all information as to my bead colours and sizes for both the pink and blue in the pdf tutorial.

The Paisley Duo and Kite bead earrings in blue.

Whilst I have kept the colours on these earrings fairly light I think they would look great, if not very dramatic, made in a dark colour of Paisley Duos and Kite beads with a contrasting colour of seed bead. With party season just around the corner, these earrings could be the answer you need to finish off your special occasion outfits and you get the added bonus of telling all that compliment you on your earrings that you made them!

It is so important to me that crafting is available to all as it can be such a therapeutic activity so I have tried to keep the cost to a minimum for this Beadweaving pattern / tutorial. I hope all who buy it enjoy it as much as I did making it.

If you have bought the tutorial and have any feedback I would love to hear it 🙂

Now for the boring but necessary bit – This tutorial is for personal use only. If you sell the earrings you have made from this tutorial then please credit me, The Artisan Duck. It is prohibited to mass produce, reproduce, copy, share or teach any part of this tutorial. Also, if you share your finished earrings on social media then please tag me as I would love to see them.

Hannah x

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