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Polymer Clay Lace

I made these some time ago but never got around to blogging them (mainly because I’m pretty rubbish at blogging at the moment!) My aim was to give the impression of a delicate lace pattern but in polymer clay. I figured that using black for the ‘lace’ and translucent to support the pattern was the best way to go.

Polymer clay lace cane earrings

I made a polymer clay cane, then took thin slices and (hesitantly) rolled them through my pasta machine. I say hesitantly because this can cause distortion of the cane slice. I really wish I had remembered to take a photo of a full slice of cane before cutting as it was quite something!

I must be honest here and say that there was an awful lot of clay at the end where the pattern distorted too much to make useable jewellery. I also didn’t anticipate just how thin I would have to roll it to really make use of the translucency.

Polymer clay lace cane earrings

The pieces that did work I was really happy with. I made a variety of shapes and teamed them with black faceted beads.

Polymer clay lace cane earrings

This was a bit of an experiment of my part but I think the earrings that did work are very pretty. I’m imagining glamorous hair up dos with the light shining through the earrings.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend – where do they go though?!

Hannah x

6 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Lace

    1. Thank you. I love the idea of them almost having a hidden pattern – they look like black and grey away from the light and then when you hold them up to the light the pattern really pops.

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