Watercolour Sketchbook

I had intended to post one of these pictures last week but the week just flew by and before I knew it I was eating chocolate and drawing an Easter rabbit so it is a bit of a 'buy one get one free' blog post today! As always, when the kids are on school holidays... Continue Reading →

A little catch up……

It seems an age since I last wrote a blog post. In all honesty I haven't had much new to show as I ended up making more Leopard print jewellery for my Etsy shop and I don't want to get too boring by showing the same thing over and over. I always underestimate how long... Continue Reading →

Tropical Toucans

Just after Christmas I doodled some rather fun, bright Toucans in my sketch book and used my Mozart brush pens to colour them. I think the dull grey weather was getting to me. I shared a photo of my picture on Instagram and was totally chuffed when Mozart Supplies shared my picture on their own... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 22

I didn't have to think too hard about yesterday's inktober drawing after I found my daughter scrolling through Next clothing online to work out what the most expensive thing in my life was! Both priceless and costly 😂 Day 22 'expensive' My daughter, 10, never without a sparkly headband and party dress. My son, 7... Continue Reading →

Inktober Catch Up!

I'm still plodding along with Inktober. Mainly with quick and simple sketches as time was in short supply last week. It's going to be a slightly photo heavy post so I'll stop waffling and get on. Day 17 was swollen I know this isn't exactly swollen (more frizzy!) but my hair has literally doubled in... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 15 & 16

I'm not even going to pretend that I didn't skip a day yesterday. I had such an awful headache for most of the day and once it started to subside last night the last thing I could do was sit and draw. I've managed to squeeze two little doodles into my hour in front of... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 13 & 14

So I'm just about keeping up with Inktober this weekend. Yesterday was a busy day so I was looking forward to some quiet once the kids were in bed to do my drawing. My 7 year old had other ideas and refused to go to bed so I hastily drew my picture in between trying... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 11

Oh dear, I feel as though my inktober drawings are going reallllly downhill. Last week I put so much time into them but this week I'm having to rush a little more as I have quite a few other things to do. Today's prompt is cruel and I was just getting nowhere with it. My... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 10

I feel as though I've redeemed myself after yesterday's awful picture. Not that this is a masterpiece but I feel a lot happier with it. The prompt was flowing so I have drawn long flowing hair. I have an ink brush pen - I love drawing hair with it. I have added some grey promarker... Continue Reading →

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